Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Are You Outta Your Mind?

Sexy attire remark utterly baseless

Some men are perverted. They shamelessly hide under the cloak of religion while making their perverted and sexist statements. Penang Municipal Council Abu Bakar Hassan is an example of such a man.

In the recent incident which involved a female reporter at a Citi Hall function, her 'sexy' attire was blamed for the intrusion of her privacy by the CCTV installed at the City Hall.

Apparently, the closed-circuit television camera which was supposed to shoot the proceedings zoomed in on the women's thighs instead.

It was reported yesterday that Abu Bakar had blamed the sexy attire of the female journalists as the cause of the cameras zooming in on their thighs instead of focusing on Friday's council proceedings.

Take a good look at her attire here. Does she need to wear a 'burqah' (an Islamic dress which covers the whole body except for the eyes) to be considered appropriately dressed? Or these men should be send to a mental institution to have their brain examined?


Journalist Melissa Darlyne Chow, who lodged apolice report in which she alleged that the CCTV operator had outraged her modesty, wearing the same clothes she had on during the Friday council meeting.

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Anonymous said...

A few points to note -
1) When the issue was highlighted, it was being blamed on the faulty CCTV.
2) The tune changed & the blame is on the "sexy" attire. It contradicts the faulty CCTV. Does this meant that the MPPP President agree that it wasn't the faulty CCTV anymore ?
3) It will be quite easy to find out whether it is being done on purpose should the President asked for a replay of CCTV (remember CCTV records the proceedings ?). If the camera were being zoomed to the sitting location before the journalist sits there, I agree chances are it could be fault CCTV and the happenings are co-incidence. However, if the camera on zooms towards the journalist after she sat there, then it is being done on purpose. Remember, the argument that the 'technician' claims that he doesn't know how to operate the CCTV ?
4) Predicting how the MPPP President will react, he will just said the unfamiliar line - he was being misquoted by the press. If he is being misquoted, then will he suggest to reform the attire for the meetings ?