Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Phuket Gutsy People

When the killer tsunami strucked Phuket in December 2004, more than 5000 people lost their life. Phuket was devastated. Slightly less than 2 years later, the community has picked up the pieces and once again the resort island is busy with activities. Foreign tourists are back! I was one of the visitors last month.

I was fortunate to be there during the Loy Katong Festival. Bangla Street was decorated with lights and fun. Visitors had a great time enjoying life performances and sampling various local food and delicacies sold along the street to celebrate Loy Katong.

Phuket is geographically quite similar to Penang. However, what it has in abundance is human spirit and enthusiasm to play a good host to foreign visitors. Penang is a resort island without a resort atmosphere.

Perhaps it is timely we Penangites reflect on what has gone wrong to our island in the last 2 decades.

One more thing, Phuket has a good public transport system. And clean and well kept beaches too!

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