Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Youth 4 Change Forum

I have been invited to speak at the Youth 4 Change forum tonight. Details as follow:

Alternative Course DVD Launching and Voices of Youth (VOY) on NEP

Date: 20 December 2006 (Wednesday)

Time: 8.00pm รข€“ 10.30pm

Venue: Humanity Library, Kuala Lumpur (near Monorail Station at Maharajarela)

Moderator: Amin Idris
Law graduate from IIUM and active student leader from GAMIS and SMM

Speaker 1: Nik Nazmi
Prominent blogger who earned his LLB from King's College London and Special Assistant to Anwar Ibrahim

Speaker 2: Khoo Kay Peng
A political and policy analyst at a local think-tank SEDAR

Speaker 3: Amir Sari
Project Coordinator from Institute Kajian Dasar (IKD) and former active student leader


7.30pm Admission
8.00pm Welcome Address and Launch the Alternative Course on Ethnic Relationship DVD
8.20pm Public Forum: Voices of Youth (VoY) on NEP
9.50pm Question and Answer (Q&A)
10.30pm Closing


The New Economic Policy (NEP) was introduced as an affirmative action to eradicate poverty and rearrange the social structure. However, recently the debates followed the controversial research report from ASLI, a think-tank that revealed that Bumiputra already achieved more than 30% in the equity. The debate was emotional and divert from the academic purposes. At the same time, a lot of people started to question the achievement of the NEP. Are we achieve the goals set by NEP? How is the assessment been made? Did we involve in the discussion process on the achievement of NEP?

As a young people, a stakeholder of the society, what do we think about NEP? Are we benefit from the NEP? Why it always been seen as the racial issues or sensitive issues? How to engage in the discussion of the NEP? Why the young people cannot involve in the discussion which regarding the future of the nation?

All these questions will be discussed in the public forum by the young and prominent speakers. Come to share your views and witness the power of youth to bring changes and generate new ideas.

Language: English and Bahasa Malaysia

FOR ENQUIRIES: Please contact the Y4C Secretariat Office (03-77831164) or Khai Loon (013-3970519) and Yee Ling (012-7355025) or email to

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