Friday, January 12, 2007

Y4Change and Bar Council Forum on NEP

I was at the Bar Council's forum last night. Attendance was very good well above the expectation of the organisers. The speakers were Dr Lim Teck Ghee and Tan Sri Abdul Khalid (Treasurer of Parti Keadilan).

Dr Lim took us through some of the figures which showed the weaknesses of the NEP. He said that it is time that a new policy which is based on needs is introduced to replace the race-centric NEP. For your information, the NEP became race-centric only when it was politicised as a tool to perpetuate racial politics.

Abdul Khalid readily admitted that he was a beneficiary of the NEP. He spoke about the need to work hard for one's keep. He spoke about his experience working under the dedicated late Tun Dr Ismail Ali. Today, dedicated politicians in the mould of Dr Ismail, Tan Siew Sin and others are extinct, he told us.

Nonetheless, overall we are still too happy with looking at the past and imagine what would it be without NEP. Would it be worse? Would it be better?

Why don't we start to look forward? Read my thoughts here.

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