Saturday, February 17, 2007


I have said it and I will repeat here again that this is my digital home. I have been very tolerant to posts from a particular reader who has gone very personal in nature. Below is an example:

Hi This message just to wish you family and friends is good to conclude that a selfish egoistic persons. What about the READERS? Hei..Bungkus lah.... (appeared on my CNY greeting to family and friends)

I do not want to moderate comments here. But if you get too personal and hit below the belt, I might be motivated to do it in the future. Decency and respect are good human virtues. Whatever you may criticise about another fellow man but if you cannot practice both decency and respect in your comments, then you are no better off than the subject you criticized.


Anonymous said...
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Kay Peng said...

Just thwarted another coward attack. Get a life. :o)