Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Partisan Concern

After a brief meeting with a TV producer, I rushed to the Nikko Hotel to meet up with a prominent politician whom I respected greatly, Datuk Ong Tee Keat. We adjourned to the lobby restaurant for a quick meal.

We discussed about the political developments in the country. Ong told me that he is very concerned with the growing partisanship in the country. In reality, many issues are not presented in merely black or white. There are many grey issues that we must help to address as the responsible people of Malaysia.

He told me that he was criticised in his party for making public how he allocated his constituency funds. A woman leader in his party even made a complaint against him to his party president that apparently the prime minister was not happy with Ong's action.

The funny thing is our administration and politicians are forever harping about transparency, accountability and integrity. When challenged by a noble act, they showed their true colours. They should emulate Ong by making public their constituency expenditure. This is an act of integrity.

Some forces amongst the corrupt elites might be plotting for Ong's downfall. He is worried but like any doting father of three daughters, he is more worried about his children well-being and education.

We should support good people. He told me before we parted that he would like to see more good people in politics either in the government or the opposition. I nodded with agreement.


Anonymous said...

What about blogging to make his voice heard? ;-)

Kay Peng said...

I will convey your feedback to him

Anonymous said...

Perhaps... This is the starting point for more interesting exchange of ideas. I truly respect his man - Ong Tee Keat for standing upfront and he is the natural leaders who puts the people's needs beyond his own.

We need to help to endorse this type of leaders and blogging could be one way. Remember, next GE could be decided over the NET influence.