Friday, February 16, 2007

A Transition?

I am facing a transition in life and yet I am surprised by the level of calmness. Thanks to those who abused me here. You called me cunning, dangerous and untrustworthy but I am convinced that I am walking on the right path. The point is you missed the real poisonous snake amidst your own kind. In time, you will know who is the real cunning one. If you still don't, please do not tell me that I am not smart - I am your mirror image.

I am naive and idealistic, yes. I thought that I should be allowed to just do my job. And if I can do it in the most impartial way, give my balanced views and provide a honest analysis, I will be allowed to do my job uninterrupted. Alas, not here, not in Malaysia.

We aspire to become a first world nation but we react like a third world people. You probably send your kids to be educated in one of the developed Western countries. In these countries, undergraduates are taught to be opinionated. Being descriptive will not get you good grades. Critical analysis is what gets you good grades. Their societies will not be where they are today if not for this important emphasis on critical thinking.

You pushed me to choose this path. You will have to be equally responsible for what I have expressed here. Do you still expect me to be nice, docile and meek when you are so intolerant, vicious and self-centered? Do you sincerely believe that all things are well today?

How many parents you meet who wished that their children do not come back if they are already overseas? How many more wanting to migrate? How often do you see abuses, corruption and crime go unpunished? Are you happy to become a second-class citizen after 50 years of independence? You know what, some migrants who came after you and I were born were treated better because of the right skin colour and religious belief. How long more racial politics will go on before we can dismantle it?

With people like you who is willing to kiss the hands that feed you so that these hands can continue to tolerate all of the above and help to perpetuate a racialist regime, we do not see any light at the end of the tunnel. I am in the organisation because I truly believe in what it stands for.

Damn you! I am pissed off by this kind of attitude. Over the last 8 years I have heard all types of reasoning on why we should support this regime. Only one is real - self-interest. Show me that you are a real proponent of non-racialism and that you are willing to sacrifice for your principles.

Sorry, I am not a dog or a beggar. In the end, I do not have to take your shit!


Anonymous said...

Some beggars in the streets also think they got dinity, you give them 5 sen and they throw it back at you. They think they are not beggars, but all others know they are.

Some so-called intellectuals also talk big about dignity, but decided to serve only the masters who pay them well.

Your trouble is that you want to be paid handsomely and that's why you chose the organisation and people that were known by everybody that they are part of the "corrupted, dictatorial" BN. Everybody knows Lim Keng Yaik and Koh Tsu Koon were like that, you are either idiotic or just pretending when you chose to serve them with dignity.

Which political parties do not sound good on papers? DAP or Keadilan should be more suitable for you, but you distant them, because they cannot pay you well. You can say you join Gerakan for principle, any shit beggar will also say he throw back the 5 sen for principle.

Five to eight years in politics, so, you joined politics after 1998, after the Reformasi, and you made your choice, knowing very well what the BN regime was, and you still join them, now, you want to talk about dignity!

It's great that people are jacking you up here. But, how about them paying you what you get from Gerakan and you be allowed to whack you pay-master as you like. Try it anywhere, and see if you can get any same kind of such offer.

You can think you are not dog or beggar, but remember that it takes a mad dog to bite the hand that feeds it.

Try you mad-dog philosophy with MCA, DAP, Keadilan, PAS, and hope you good luck in your undertaking, so that you don't need to continue suffering in Gerakan.

Anonymous said...

Damn Shit, it proved that I am correct that you are not a smart guy. Why get into wrong company and blame them for what you are? You must do more researh on Lenin, Stalin even Mao tze Tung on how they aspire for the people, The late CY Choy, Syed Hussein Alatas just to name a few chose the right forum and actions to speak their minds yet end up like you who is in good organisation but just for your ego and wasting your time for money sake isn't it? My time are over by now because I knew Alliance have turn this country for
the benefits of the few MCA Ministers than. I am old from labourer group my granchildren are older than you. my advise to do a soul search before you tell me about aspirations "actions speak louder than words". " one swallow cannot make a whole summer"

Anonymous said...

Be it MCA, Gerakan, MIC, SUPP, PPP, SAPP, ...etc, it's but part of the whore house named BN.

What amused us would be one Khoo Kay Peng, a harlot, a whore, a prostitute in this whore house is preaching about high moral values and virtue, and think that by doing so, he is of world class mentality.
Well, China of thousand years ago had the joke of a prostitute telling people her most favourite reading was Lie Nu Zhuan (The Autobiography of Women of Virtue), ha! ha! ha!

Kay Peng said...
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Kay Peng said...
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Kay Peng said...

Another thing about your sick mind. Looks like you have a deep prejudice against all sex workers. I so damned ashamed of you if you think that all sex workers have no dignity. Some of them are in the trade for reasons beyond their control and preference.

You like to quote phrases from the books you read e.g Shakespears etc. but in reality what have you learned from those books? More prejudices?

I believe in karma. What comes around goes around. Pity you, you have a sick mind.

Kay Peng said...

One last thing, please stay off other political parties and try to pretend that you are an opposition supporter. You are not. You bet, I know who you are and what is your intention. You know what, IP address is still visible. Many things can be revealed through it.

Kay Peng said...

My last warning to you. If you want to get personal, reveal your identity. Taking potshots while hiding behind anonymity does not make you a man. It is an act of cowardice.

Otherwise, all you can do is post your messages and they will not get anywhere.

Anonymous said...

From the analysis -
The anonymous is someone who is being very hurt for the reasons he/she knows off. From the posting time, he has also been very obsessed with your writings and checking your blog very frequently. The only thing he doesn't know enough is that there is always a digital trace left behind and you can rule him out from being IT savvy.

He/she has been consistently harping on the same issues - to degrade a person. Please wake up!!! Talk about facts and not the person who wrote this.

Well, anonymous, if you look from the other perspective then someone may said that if you are the beggar you deserved it because you never appreciate the 5 sen that is being given to you. Remember, there are a lot of forefathers before you in Malaysia that combines 1 sens together to become rich tycoon.

Let's face the fact anonymous. This young man is doing a mankind a favor in fair & justice and trying to make a better tomorrow. How about you ?

Why I am saying this. I am analyzing that he wants a change and the only way to get a better chance of change is to try to change from within. Garner enough support within the BN and negotiate but if you are in BN, anonymous, then I supposed you will have sold off your communities. It is these facts that this young man is fighting against and it is sad to see your narrow minded thinking. I will not be suprised if you are one of those holding some kind of position in the BN machinery and that is why you are feeling the pain.

Let's be fair to this young man for a better tomorrow in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Kay Peng, we readers know who is this idiot who criticised you here but is too afraid to reveal his identity.

Why must he be so bothered about the hand that feeds you? And pretend to be an opposition sympathiser? Dia sakit mana? Oiii...por dahhhh...

nat said...

Mr. Khoo,

sorry you have to listen to the above, sounds quite annoyingleh.

but all that nonsense aside, i am quite curious as to why you are staying within Gerakan (if indeed you are staying) ?

true, they started with some great ideals, but they seem to have left those behind far too many years ago.

in many ways, the true founding ideals of Gerakan have been inherited by the other parties - some of which have a much better chance of being truly multi-ethnic than what Gerakan (which seems to have no interest in evolving beyond its present demographic) has become.

re: the opposition - of course no one wants to be poor and irrelevant, but i guess sometimes there's a need to take a leap of faith. but it's tough, i know..

but perhaps these are the 'transitions' you spoke of?..

in any case, surely your thoughts on these issues are intensely private, but whatever you are willing to share with regards to these choices would certainly be of great interest. i'd really be keen to hear more :)

good luck, and gxfc! :)