Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Buck Stops

Works Minister Samy Vellu once again tried to distract attention away from the leaky dilemma of the parliament house. Two days ago, the fiesty minister gave a 150 years warranty to the building.

He tried to justify the RM90 million spent only on the interior cosmetics but did not fix the roof and the electrical wiring which are almost 40 years old.

It is quite obvious that the minister is more concerned with the superficial interior works than fixing the real problems which have resulted in the leaks in the parliament house.

Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi did the right thing by telling the minister to stop blaming others and to correct his failures.

RM90 million gone and the parliament house is now in need of a massive repair work. It makes me wonder if Dr Mahathir was right that Samy Vellu is untouchable.
Samy Vellu is known for his loud, unreasonable and 'I am right and you are wrong' responses in parliament when asked about his ministry shoddy performance and deliveries.

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