Tuesday, May 22, 2007

B.U.M 2007

Close to 50 bloggers and non-bloggers met at a dinner organised by two fellow bloggers at the Lake View Club on 19th May.

Some of the bloggers who spoke at the forum include Jeff Ooi, Rocky Bru, Tony Pua, Marina Mahathir, Citizen Nades, Tian Chua and others.

I managed to catch up with a few old friends who turned up for the dinner. The May 13th book by Dr Kua Kia Soong was selling like hot cakes. I managed to buy my copies.

Read Dr Hsu's comment that the National Alliance of Bloggers should stay apolitical and neutral. I think he is in for a big disappointment. Firstly, most of us are not apolitical but politically aware.
Secondly, no one is neutral. You can be objective and fair but never neutral especially when you are asked to take a stand.
I am not neutral either but I support the cause against racism.

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