Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mission (Impossible) 2057?

Many Malaysians are happy that Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi has found his new marital bliss. He told the nation a happy prime minister makes a good prime minister. We fully agree with him. I am sure the Prime Minister agrees that a good prime minister is one who puts the interests of multiracial Malaysian society close to his heart.

At the recent Umno 60th anniversary celebration, Abdullah touched briefly on his Mission 2057. He said the mission would become the development guideline for another 50 years. Although he did not specifically say how, I believe the document is now being drafted by ISIS to be released just before the 50th independence celebration. The blueprint will be a continuation of the Vision 2020. The verdict is still out there if we can achieve the objectives and targets set out in the Vision 2020.

However, he did mention the government would continue to ensure that culture, harmony, unity, cooperation and tolerance in religion be continued as value-added to the country's achievement. He stressed attention on human capital enhancement and cultural and artistic development too.

I am delighted Abdullah has invited the participation of the people in formulating the long-term mission. To be more inclusive, the government wanted the people including opposition parties, women, youths, professionals and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to discuss and provide views for the country's future. With this invitation, I would like to start the ball rolling on what should be included in the Mission 2057 blueprint to ensure that it represents the interests, needs and aspirations of a fair, just and harmonious Malaysian society.

The most important element in the Mission 2057 would be to ensure the continuous socio-economic and personal development of a truly fair, just and harmonious Malaysian society, assuming that the objective to create a Bangsa Malaysia (Malaysian nation) in Vision 2020 is met. It is very important for the government to address the pressing and growing intra-community income gap which leads to disgruntlement and other social issues.

I acknowledged that any programme aimed at restructuring a society is a long haul process. Hence, the government should start now by recognizing the problem and make necessary adjustment from a socio-economic policy which is race centric to one which is class centric. It takes a stubborn denial syndrome not to admit that the present policy has failed to address the intra-community income disparity.

The government should compute how much wealth is being held by the hundred richest individuals of each community in the country. This will provide a good indication on the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few and to quash the myth that all Chinese Malaysians are rich and all Bumiputera are poor.

Second, the Prime Minister expressed his hope that Umno will grow strength-to-strength for the next 50 years to ensure the rights and needs of the Malays are protected. Understandably, he said this at the 60th anniversary of Umno but the Mission 2057 is supposed to hinge on the extension of the Vision 2020. At the assembly, he was addressing a particular crowd from a particular community. However, the Mission 2057 is supposed to be a public blueprint containing aspirations and hope shared by all Malaysians regardless of ethnicity or creed.

On the contrary, if the objectives of Vision 2020 are met the current political model should similarly undergo a proper adjustment to ensure that political parties by then represent Malaysians and championing the rights of all Malaysians regardless of wealth ownership or social status. I hope the Prime Minister can give us his assurance that a truly united, fair, just and harmonious Bangsa Malaysia can be achieved by year 2020.

Third, Abdullah mentioned religious tolerance as a value added to our material progress. Apart from tolerance, I hope the Prime Minister will call for mutual respect and continuous dialogue between religious leaders of various faiths. To many people, religion is a channel to glorify God and to form a spiritual bonding between them and God. Nevertheless, their methods, interpretations and spiritual approaches do differ.

Here is where a mutual understanding of each other’s religion is helpful. Unfortunately, many of us find interfaith dialogue a dirty word or a ploy to subservient our religion. In a human world, mutual understanding can only be forged through sincere, respectful, open and flexible dialogue. Any party to a dialogue seeking an exclusive position for the faith it represents will ensure the breakdown of a dialogue. Our problem is many of us are seeking for such exclusivity either egoistically or emotionally in the absent of reason.

On this part, Abdullah introduced his version of civilisational Islam or ‘Islam Hadhari’ aiming at interpreting Islam in the modern context of 21st century. He insisted that Islam Hadhari is not a new branch of Islam but merely seek to interpret its values in the right time period. This is a very important point. It is undeniable that the interpretation of Islamic values and lessons in the 14th century has to be different from Islam in the 21st century. Such flexibility is not only good to its followers but to ensure the religion remained evergreen and relevant.

In Malaysia, apart from the communal divide, perpetuated from the colonial era, religious divide appears to be showing a more distinct crack with muslims and non-muslims on the opposite sides. For example, the federal court judgment against Lina Joy unavoidably dragged in both the Christian and Islamic religious bodies and their followers. Some parties alleged that the spirit of the federal constitutions is being interpreted along religious belief. The issue of judicial and legal authority is set to become one of the biggest stumbling blocks in our quest to create a united, just, fair and harmonious society.

The Mission 2057 should address this socio-religious divide and the question of legal authority. Should Malaysia create a dual legal system – one for the muslims and the other for non-muslims? Or should we continue to accept and respect the federal constitutions as the supreme law of the land and the civil courts as religious-free courts where justice is meted out regardless of race or creed? As the world is becoming more pluralistic, the urge to coexist harmoniously must become stronger. Otherwise, peace and harmony will elude us.

Fourth, the Mission 2057 should strive to strengthen the democratic institutions in the country to ensure that democracy continues to flourish. Unless Francis Fukuyama is proven wrong, I foresee us practicing a democratic system beyond year 2057. According to Fukuyama, the state that emerges at the end of history is liberal insofar as it recognizes and protects through a system of law man's universal right to freedom and democratic insofar as it exists only with the consent of the governed. We must ensure the rights promised to us at the birth of the nation and enshrined in the federal constitutions remained protected, respected and dispensed at all times.

Finally but not exhaustive, I fully agree the emphasis put on human capital enhancement. A respected statesman told me that the main failure of the affirmative action is the lack of emphasis on skills development of the Bumiputera community especially the Malays. As a result, many of them are not able to capitalize on opportunities given by the government through grants, subsidies, licenses and projects. Featured almost daily are news about abandoned projects, shoddy constructions, poor management and maintenance works and others. We do not need a rocket scientist to tell us the sign.

Malay entrepreneurs who are able to acquire the necessary skills to capitalize on the opportunities given have succeeded. With the right attitude and skills, they will succeed regardless of the affirmative policy.

Hence, the government should focus on human capital enhancement with the primary focus of uplifting the skills and knowledge level of our human resources. In the advent of globalization, the only way for a country to progress in to actively innovate and create specialized knowledge. Our ambitious projects of the various economic development corridors would be the first to welcome local skilled workers.

With slightly more than two months away before the announcement of the Mission 2057 blueprint, I hope the Prime Minister will launch an extensive dialogue with all stakeholders, as promised earlier. I would like to urge Malaysians to speak out and exercise your rights to dictate the kind of society you want to live in be it in the next 5 years or 50 years.

Politicians must be made to walk their talk.


69ner said...

Mission 2057? It's a joke lar. Since he is not going to be around to be responsible for the shit by then, might as well have Mission 2107 while he is at it.

They can even have a blueprint for flood elevation to work properly TODAY. What more to say something as grandios as this in 50 years time?

Keep Mission 2057 in the comic books.

Just tell us how we are going to get through the next 3 years with a relatively full stomach. That's all.

Mission 2057? Nuts lar.

By the way, it boils my blood to think tax payers' money is going to waste in dreaming up these non-sensical shits.

69ner said...


They can't even get the flood blueprint to work....

Anonymous said...

No need for blueprint because we don't see development in the current form as beneficial to us

Anonymous said...

What we have hereis a coffee-shop PM - He can mumble away and engage in smalltalk. I think he should just shut up. Whatever his plan will only benefit the chinese and the unappreciative chinese will say UMNO putra benefits. So for us Malys don't have development when it only benefit one race

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 11:56, You just hate us Chinese Malaysians huh? You are unappreciate for what the government has done for you.

Tell you Malay friends and family to vote against Umno then if they did not help the Malays. But then again, you are in the minority. Majority of Malays agreed that Umno has helped them.

Anonymous said...

I dont hate chinese , it is a very pragmatic race able to survive anywhere. Just that you are now coming to my house and starting to demand this and that. You just leave and we'll be great friend - hope to visit Great Wall one day

Anonymous said...

We vote UMNO not because we like UMNO but we don't want hypocrite party like DAP to touch foot on our beloved land.

69ner said...

anon, you dumbass.

The Malaysian economy was basically founded upon the hardwork of the Chinese. Have you thought of the consequences if the Chinese were to disappear?

By the way, this is probably not your house either. Do you know that most Malays can trace their ancestry to Yemen? Yeah, that's right. Most of you are immigrants too. Some came from Java, later even than the Chinese.

So, say this is your house, someone comes and build you a nice toilet to shit it, a nice bed to laze in, instead of welcoming your guest, you turn him away and fuck his backside?

Well, I guess it's in your genes....ahahaha..

Anonymous said...

Dont worry just leave, we didnt invite you here anyway.

Anonymous said...

anon1135, you pollute our rivers through your fillthy factories, cause flood through your unscrupulous logging and bring strnge disease like nipah virus through your pig farming, and you call that development. Go home and destroy your tanah bussat for all I care.

Anonymous said...

They may come from Java or sumatra or celebes - they are Malay. The yemen they came here , married, intermingle and adopted the Malay way of life, and thus become a Malay. You on the other hand are definitely an alien

Khoo Kay Peng said...

From the exchanges, it is clear you buggers cannot get out of your racist mindset.

Do you have to turn everything into a racial mudslinging game?

Hey, Malay, Chinese or Indian, you have to live with one another. You can visit the Great Wall of China all you want or Yemen if you find it exotic.

But here in Malaysia, you have to accept that you are not the only owner of the house.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

"I dont hate chinese , it is a very pragmatic race able to survive anywhere. Just that you are now coming to my house and starting to demand this and that. You just leave and we'll be great friend - hope to visit Great Wall one day"

You are slowing turning yourself into the biggest clown here. I am giving you a last warning. Your messages have persistent showed this tendency. You are not here for a debate. This is my blog. Now, nobody invited you here and your racist comments.

69ner said...

KKP, let anon be. His type (ie, the racist type) wouldn't last long in a globalised world.

Natural selection will weed them out.

Keep up your diligent writing.

Anonymous said...

Mr Khoo,

I am not sure if a final warning would work on the likes of racist idiots.

Anyway, I would suggest you delete all his racist comments and leave this blog in peace.

Anonymous said...

We should not accept racism and vulgarities. Truth however hurts.

Anonymous said...

Dear KKP, I note that you would not play the race card, at least not intentionally. But your blogger kakais are using your blog to mock us Malays. So this is merely the rebuttal that you are hearing, not the counter attack. This is also a blog and you are smearing the good name of the Malays, so I have every right to defend my honour . Unerstand there are already calls to censor comments not acceptable to your kakai -- sounds like small brother immitating big brother.hahaha

Anonymous said...

You post your blog and then expect only like-minded people to visit? Its not newspapers ma

Anonymous said...

Hi KKP please note that I am certainly not in the minority simply because I have already spoken the matters raised with so many and they concurred with me. Moreover I sholud know I am not the only one posting the comments on this blog. And please do not issue warnings to people, You sholud instead be happy that I even want to talk with you and your fellow bloggers

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Khoo,

Delete all these racist postings, they serve no purpose except to taunt and provoke you.

Anoymous 12:11 am,

This is Mr Khoo's blog, he is free to issue warnings to whomever he likes in his blog. If you don't like it, get lost or start your own blog and slam all the chinese you want there.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Dear People,

My warning goes to all regardless of your ethnicity. You should know if you have been overboard and racially motivated in your comments.

Let me tell you, in this country reality is you cannot wish anyone away. Not Chinese Malaysians, not Indian Malaysians or Malay Malaysians.

You have to learn to respect and live with each other.

It is time for us to recognise that most of us are born here and would die here.

Cut deep into your flesh, what colour is your blood? Mine is red.

If you want to mock me, I advise you to think again. You should know by now that I am not an easy meat.

I do not and have not cencored any posts. So, I hope you will learn to respect my rules.