Monday, June 18, 2007

Rising Crime (2)

Two cases within a few days have triggered public anger on rising crime rates in Johor Baharu. About 100 people protested outside the Menteri Besar official residence. The chief minister was at another meeting near to his residence.

The police stopped an anti-crime demonstration and picked up two protesters who resisted a police order to disperse.

At a public forum recently, ex-Royal Police Commissioner Dr Denison Jayasooria said that there is no transparency in the implementation of the RPC's proposals on police force reforms. Hence, they are not able to gauge the responsiveness of the police force to the proposals.

Immediate Bar Council President Yeo Yang Poh called for the immediate implementation of the IPCMC and opined that the people should be blamed for the unwillingness of the authority to set up the check and balance body.

In his recent column, The Star's Wong Chun Wai said bluntly, "All these high-profile cases of violent crimes have further dented the city’s image, giving the impression that JB is a lawless city and the police seem unable, even incapable, to combat crime effectively."

Malaysians and/or their family members who have experienced the brutality of crime have a valid reason to be angered by recent spate of criminal cases. Public security and safety has been a major concern over the last 5 years.

Perhaps, the Prime Minister should seriously consider the call by several opposition leaders to appoint a full time minister to manage the portfolio. Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi is also the Finance Minister and Chairman of various cabinet committees including the IDR.


Anonymous said...

Another committee or another portfolio in govt wiil only add to the cost. Just get the the police commissioner or whoever the head to show us his plan to combat the crime and get on the work with benchmark and timeline. If no result sack the fella and and someone else. Never ever suggest new post or new c'tee. Hmm no racist angle here I hope

Anonymous said...

One more thing, we have to rethink the penalty which does not commensurate with the crime meted out. In short suggest that we consider introducing Hudud law (in place of the pseudo-christianic law) since this is an Islamic country anyway

Anonymous said...

Yes, its about time that we promote hudud law. Even in the west they are rethinking into introducing capital punishment now to deter these criminal menace