Monday, June 25, 2007

Rising Crime (3)

Two cars, one belonged to a friend, lost their wheels to theft. The cars were parked in front of D'Kiara Aparment in Pusat Bandar Puchong. Puchong is slowly turning into a mini Johor Bahru. Lately, a number of apartments were broken into by smartly dressed thieves.

There is a growing number of foreigners in the area too. Many of them may not have the relevant permit to work and live here.

A few weeks ago, a marketing officer from Nanyang Siang Pau was chased by parang wielding men on motorcycles. She was found dead after a collision with another car while trying to run away from the motorists.

These cases happened in Puchong.


Anonymous said...

We should not assume they are criminals simply because they are foreigners. They are just fellow human trying to find better living in a foreign country. We were foreigners once too

Khoo Kay Peng said...

I did not say that all foreigners are criminals. If you are a Puchong resident like myself, you would agree that there are some problems lately with some foreigners here.

By the way, I was never a foreigner. Born here and a Malaysian.

BrianFong said...

2 of my neighbor got their cars stolen.

There was another neighbor whose car was nearly stolen. She saw the culprit (car stealer) in action - shouted at him - they rode off (yes they come in pairs on motorbike) and as a parting shot shouted - We will be back!

Can you imagine such brazen arrogance - from a thief??

we must thank the PDRM... they either patrol at a fix time in a police car (always in a rush)or they will be standing near a corner waiting to pull over the next motorist.

What is their plan in tackling rampant crime? Only gods know becos it is so secretive and only idiots knows becos it is so simplistic.

Plan A - Send in more bodies. Plan B: We know there are 7 gang leaders in JB as the IGP boast.

So? You mean by arresting the 7 gang leaders you'll solve the car jacking, snatch thieves, robberies, house breaking, car stealing crime?

I think the PDRM have difficulties in differentiating between gangster ism, triads, organized crime, against individuals or small group of people committing petty crimes.

They should engage former NY top cop William Bratton to show them a trick or two on how to reduce crime or least stack their library with this titles:

1: The Turnaround: How America's Top Cop Reversed the Crime Epidemic
2: Fixing Broken Windows
3: Taking Back Our Streets

Adrian Foo said...

I think we are really sick of all the promises given by the PDRM.Whenever people complaining about the crime situation,the state police chief will have a standard answer "situasi terkawal, Polis akan tingkatkan rondaan" or worst still, commemt like "fighting crime isn't the sole responsibility of the police,the public must play a bigger role too".
As the Chinese saying goes "A 3 feet thick ice layer does not result from a one night chill",for all the 22 years under the former prime minister, he never even tried to do something to upgrade the police force in terms of hardware and sofeware. Worst still, he has inculcated a state of denial among the police force.When a prominent ex-premier of a neighbouring country commented about the crime in JB in 1998, our ex-premier blew the thing out of proportion and he even told the reporter that "I feel so safe at Johor bahru".
Fellow Malaysian,is time to use your vote to make a difference. For residents in Selangor and Johore, the government has mistreated you all since you gave such a hugh mandate to them in the 2004 GE. What do you get in return?a sluggish government?
I am not a die hard opposition supporter, I vote with a clear conscience. Dear fellow Malaysiam, remember to vote in the coming GE.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Yes, use your vote and use it wisely.

Anonymous said...

My car parked merely about 10 metres from the guard house at one of the apartments in Pusat Bandar Puchong lost 2 of the tyres yesterday. Prior to this, the back wiper and even the cheap-cheap front wipers got stolen. These thieves, they stop at nothing. Our police force still sleeping?

Anonymous said...

I'm staying in JB and the crime rate here is horrifying !!! I do realize that there are more police patrol cars around my neighbourhood but will that solve the problem? I still hear tonnes of stories of rape, burglary and kidnapping!

Jonson Chong said...

Hi, Kay Peng.

Did you attend the recent Parliamentary Caucus Public Hearing on Crime for Selangor in PJ?

I couldn't make it but I heard some Puchong residents attended...