Thursday, July 12, 2007

It Better Not be a Space Tourism

"It is not a tourism programme. It has to do with science and education, and to inspire our people to appreciate science and technology," Prime Minister Abdullah Bawadi told both Dr Sheikh Muszaphar and Dr Faiz.

The prime minister said the country was placing its hopes on them. The selected candidate is supposed to help the nation in the mission which will include cancer research at the International Space Station.

I am not too sure if we can pin any hope of the two. Neither of them is a qualified scientist. But we hope that they do not make a fool of themselves by serving 'teh tarik' onboard the mission.

RM70 million is not a small sum of money to send a person into space to do 'teh tarik'. By the way, when are we sending some politicians on a cruise in our very own French-made submarine?

Congrats! There is definitely an element of tourism and excitement thrown in.

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What A Lulu said...

i think all those involved, from pm to jj to officials to the kononnya chosen two are confused between the term "running experiments" and "doing research".

well, if it makes them happy, let them live under this bubble of illusion.

hope the news of these "research" does not leak to the foreign media and genuine researchers. we'd be the laughing stock if it did.