Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It is a Waste of Time, Jerai!

Badruddin Amiruldin (BN-Jerai) has a notorious reputation of being both racist and nonsensical. Yesterday, the YB was his usual self again. He expressed concern over the tight-fitting and skin-baring outfits that artistes wore these days, saying this did not reflect the Malaysian culture.

The attire of some singers and actors seem to be made from insufficient material, exposing (skin) here and there, and they are too tight," he said. "Can the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim), Energy, Water and Communications Ministry, Information Ministry and the media discuss guidelines on dress code for the entertainment industry to suit Malaysian viewers?" he asked in a supplementary question.

On the same day, he told Penang Chief Minister Dr Koh Tsu Koon to visit the Kedah Sultan's palace personally to apologise for the traffic jam in Batu Kawan during the football match between Kedah and Perlis. The Sultan had to walk for almost 2km to the stadium and fell sick as a result of that. If the CM is playing the FAM (organiser) and traffic police role to help keep traffic smooth, then he is not fit to become our CM.

Similarly, Badruddin should not waste the parliament's time and our time by mouthing nonsense almost at any opportunity.

We hope the PM will deliver us his promise to create a first world nation. The first thing he should do is to get rid of these fourth class MPs e.g. Badruddin and his 'bocor' buddies.

Remember this face.


agnos said...

well said KP! we have had enough of courtiers and clowns around...about time for this people to move out...

Anonymous said...

Good good good!! Get rid of these useless MPs!
The haze is coming, but our PM said " not a big deal", so is it not a big deal also for the fourth class MPs to make fun of us?

A Voice said...

Isn't decency a fair comment to make? Off course, he has to control himself in front of cameras.

Anonymous said...

The haze is coming back and none of the UMNO MPs or Ministers dare to stand up against Indonesia.I don't see the son of the late Ex-PM wielding his keris in front of the Indonesian Embassy in KL. The Oxford graduate never lambasted Indonesia of trying to marginalize Malaysia in the tourism sector as the haze is causing great harm to Malaysia.
Well,this is the type of Ministers/MPs that we all have.No wonder Malaysia is still a 3rd world country after 50 years of independence.Malaysia will still remain in 3rd world for the next 50 years if we have this type of people running the country.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Indonesia is our brother, he aint heavy. You wont understand us , different culture

Anonymous said...

Anoymous 1059 pm,

I have worked in Jakarta for several years and contrary to your thoughts of Indonesians being "brothers" to Malaysian malays, it is pure BS. Such feelings are NOT reciprocrated towards Malaysians - remember konfrantasi by Sukarno?

Saying that, I had an enjoyable time in Jakarta and made many good Indonesian friends.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

How would you interpret decency? Is someone wearing a short skirt indecent?

Decency is all about attitude and not the way a person dresses. Anyway, in matter of priority there are more decency issues which the YB should have supported e.g. rising crime rates, incest cases, rapes etc.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

You must be silly to think that you share similar culture with the Indonesians (which is a diverse society). They do not feel the same. Go to Indon and ask them.

Anonymous said...


While you were busy catching up with Jeff Ooi at Dewan Wawasan last night, acting Gerakan President is enroute to Anak Bukit Palace to seek ampun from the Sultan of Kedah.

Looks like the hot aired MP has one up on citizen of Malaysia. ;)


Rahman to lead team to see sultan

PENANG (July 4, 2007): Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon will be part of a delegation led by the Yang di-Pertua Negri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas to formally apologise to the Sultan of Kedah for the inconvenience caused by the traffic jam at the FA Cup final in Batu Kawan Stadium here last Saturday (June 30).

The delegation, which includes other senior officials, will seek an audience with Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah next week to apologise for the incident, when the sultan had to get out of his car and walk the remaining 2km to the stadium to watch the match between Kedah and Perlis.

The 79-year-old sultan missed the first half of the game but managed to get there in time to celebrate the Kedah team's victory.

However, he was admitted to Alor Star Hospital on Monday (July 2) with high fever, fatigue and breathing difficulties.

Koh said the delegation was supposed to go to Alor Star today, after the state executive council meeting but was advised by the sultan's aide to postpone the visit to next week as the sultan is recuperating in Langkawi.

"This matter was addressed in the state executive council meeting and we are all very sad and angry and regret that such an incident took place," Koh told reporters after a luncheon in a beach hotel to commemorate Abdul Rahman's 69th birthday.

"On that particular night, I had called up the Kedah and Perlis mentris besar to forward the apology to their respective sultan and regent, on behalf of the state, for the incident."

He said the traffic jam would not have happened if police had been more efficient in managing the thousands of vehicles heading to the stadium.

The crowd had also been bigger than usual because forged tickets were reported to have been available.

"The police also should have sent a more senior officer to the three meetings held before the cup final match but instead they sent a corporal," he said.

"I have called up the CPO, who was also upset and angry with the incident. He will investigate and take action to ensure it will not happen again."

Koh said he will make sure the police will do everything necessary to ensure the fiasco would not recur at the Jom Heboh event in Queensbay Mall this weekend.

Some 50,000 people showed up at the stadium, which can only accommodate 37,000, hours before the game kicked off and some fans took five hours to leave the place after the match.

Earlier today, state FA vice-president Datuk Mohd Zain Omar said the Penang FA had nothing to do with the congestion.

"We had done everything to ensure the event would go on smoothly as we were only told to be the host five days before the FA Cup final.

"It was an oversight by one of the departments tasked to handle the traffic flow."

Anonymous said...

The majority in Indonesia and the majority in Malaysia have been called 'serumpun'. It does not apply to every one person. Pl dont expose your silly reply Mr Khoo

Anonymous said...

Who calls them serumpun? You?
Ever stayed in Indonesia before?

Typical BS from the resident racist idiot here.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Leave him to his banter. Melayu Raya is a frustrated man. He knows that his racist agenda will not prevail here. He is willing to distort whatever historical and anthropoligical facts to back his rhetoric. I would commit suicide if I have to live like him - thinking that he can only survive and live in peace in a homogenous society.

I pity him and would like him to know what he is missing if only he tries to embrace diversity.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that here we are trying to seek brotherhood and similarities amonsgst us , neighbours included and you are preaching differences amongst the people in this region. Pl learn to understand each other and not behave like an idiot

Anonymous said...

Melayu Raya where are you? tell these people they are swept by their own dream. Pl wake them up and suggest them to pack up to where they think people will love them, hint thier motherland hahaha

Anonymous said...

Anoymous 919 pm, Melayu Raya or whatever you want to call yourself,

If these are the kind of retorts which you have been hired to post in this blog, I pity your parents for raising such a troubled child such as you.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Preaching brotherhood? With neighbours? Why don't you start with your housemates first?

Yes, this is my motherland unless you are not feeling easy living here and wanted to go back to Indo, if it happened to be your motherland?

Anonymous said...

My neighbours are your kind and I get along fine. But they are kiasu e.g always want to get the best carpark and painting to site with his car number. btw indonesiaor malaysia is kepulauan melayu and going bak to indonesia is like going back to johore aor kelantan. But not china

Anonymous said...

Go to Indonesia then.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

for holidays, good food and to visit relatives. Been to the 7th wonder great wall? Been there but cant stay on. You can pack up and join your fellow mongols

Anonymous said...

I have stayed in Indonesia longer than you ever have.

Sad that your racist posts are being deleted here and at TP's blog?


Anonymous said...

I have stayed in Indonesia longer than you ever have.

Sad that your racist posts are being deleted here and at TP's blog?


Anonymous said...

At least kkp dont delete my comments. TP or whoever this fellow does not concern me. And you having stayed long in indonesia also dont matter to me. But if you wish to stay permanently in your motherland ,we can talk

Anonymous said...

Why are you sad, I think he is serious in wanting you to leave his country. He is blaming us chinakoi for the destruction of nature, the corruption of the culture and the exploitation of the economic resources. As minority we are a misfit to their way of belief system. Leve them at peace and go back to motherland

Anonymous said...

My motherland is Malaysia.

What is there to talk about?

Anonymous said...

Emmm.....Only one thing to say.... SAY NO TO RACISM !!!

Anonymous said...

china is so big, it'll take years for you to cause destruction of its environment, the culture etc. And no racism there too. so all you tiong hua and tian chua take your tongkang and set sail to tiong kok
ta ta

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
There's a lot of misunderstanding over the call to immigrants aka pendatang minority here to leave the country. Over the years people have been migrating in search for better life, that is not a crime and is only human to do so. It is always the will of the majority that will prevail and the minority will have to adapt or be pushed to the wayside. both side will then live in peace

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Melayu Raya, you are right to say that I have been very liberal with your posts. However, I would like to remind you that the tone and content of your posts are bound to hurt the feeling of the host. My last advice to you and everyone else is to stay off racist statements.

If you are not happy that Malaysia is a multiracial and multireligious country, then vote for the extremists. Make sure they are in power - full power. This will enable you and the party you support to drive other minorities out by force or discriminative measures. Until then, I hope you would respect all Malaysian citizens.

You are abusing your anonymity and that is foolish. You do not even speak for your own community. Many would disagree with you.

For the last time, if you want to argue make sure your stay off racism.

Anonymous said...

Mr Khoo pl dont associate me with racism,I abhore that label. I am merely seeking a solution and the way out for all parties concerned. Dialogue is better than violent encounters - maajority rules

Joshua said...

I am just so shocked that there are Malaysians that take offence to KKP's sharing about this issue.

KKP is only highlighting this ridiculous MP for trying to be a fashion/moral police.

We are all Malaysians whether we are of kaum Melayu, Cina or India. Our homeland is here. Our motherland is here. Why are there still fellow citizens who want us to leave the country were are born into and to go back to China, India or Indonesia?

Such remarks - are just hate.

Yes there is a majority malay people here and yes, the reality is there are systematic, institutionalised discrimination that affects not just other kaums but every citizen. It is a FACT that the rich malays are richer malays and poor malays are poorer malays with the BN's NEP.

I dont think stating that is being in anyway racist or unpatrotic. It is something I believe KKP is highlighting all the while.

Dialogue yes, but dont hide behind your anonymity. Dont slander and have no courage to be accountable to your words.

I really hope that the racists are the minority in this country, because if racists propaganda continues - it will spell the end to our peace and harmony.

Anonymous said...

Wahh.. Joshua not another anon? That's hypocritical. Making fun of NEP itself is racist and unpatriotic. Dont worry about who the blogger is, what matters is it make sense and it hurts. Next step is to seek solution - consider this as a brainstorming session. But of course the normal course of action by most hosts is to just delete (an admission of defeat or despair) and spare the pain of seeing a foolish reply by his fellow kind.

Anonymous said...

To Melayu Raya or whatever nicks you choose to use,

Malaysia is for Malaysians.

Do NOT continually ask others to migrate to other countries - you have ZERO right to do so.

Deleting your racist and idiotic postings is the best recourse and not an admission of defeat or victory. After all, who wants to waste anymore time debating with a racist retard like you?

Anonymous said...

Joshia why you also talk about India? Nobody talk about India except you. Why you dont like India ka? Dont make Samy Velu mad daa. Stop racist remarks, but should you decide to leave by all means

Joshua said...

Surely one who writes his true name and post a link to his own blog is not anonymous. KKP can testify to that. So what is this rubbish to say I am anon, like a few of you who are cowardly.

Do any of you anons read at all? Do you read and comprehend what i wrote? Is there anything racist with what i said?

I suppose it is pointless to have meaningful discussion with anyone of these anons if they simply accuse but cannot legitimately argue a valid point.

I suppose "Not throwing pearls to swines" is an apt adage here.

KKP, please do the necessary to delete racists remarks from anons.

Joshua said...

"Wahh.. Joshua not another anon? That's hypocritical."

By the way, u can click on my name and there is my blog. You can see my name and my picture and even my wife and child. We are Malaysians.

How about you, Anon? Who the heck are you? Who is the hypocrite now? Who is this cowardly racist egomaniac hiding with his tail between the legs?

Be man enough to speak his rethoric but no balls to show his face or name?

Who art thou the real hypocrite?

Anonymous said...

Aiyaa joshia looks like apek. No he is apek. Why you thought he jew ka. KKP dont encourage your bloggers vulgarities la I cannot response to such thing.
From : God-fearing anon

joshua said...

Oh.. please.. another anon?
And please if you cant spell my name properly, please consider going to a spelling class at kindergarden level.

Yes you can call me apek etc, but really who cares what you say - if you are not even brave enough to show your real name. Cowards hide.

And all you racists anons are just that - cowards.

If you are truly God-fearing, you would not behave in such manner.

Anonymous said...

joshua apek got connection with jew la - he from lost tribe so can be jew of the east . Lost tribe or apek both not wanted here Cannot tell name here because so many of us la, dont want friend friend la

Anonymous said...

Yeah Joshia is anon laa . Who is he anyway ,a nobody!