Wednesday, July 11, 2007

NEP Beyond 2020

The present government remained recalcitrant over its intention to continue with the NEP in its current distorted form. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Malaysian maintained its position that the New Economic Policy (NEP) was not a cost to doing business.

It is widely known that the policy is being manipulated by the politically connected few to land government contracts worth billions. The manipulation of the policy has created nepotism, cronyism and corruption in the society. Today, Malaysians are still segregated between non-Bumiputeras and Bumiputeras - an act to identify the privileged group who will be treated differently through the affirmative action. Such categorisation has caused a social isolation of other Malaysians who felt that they are second class citizens in their own country.

I have argued that the original intent of the NEP was non-racial. The two main objectives of the NEP were not targetted at any specific race although it was acknowledged that the indigenous and Malay communities formed the largest segment of the poor.

Abdullah said the objective to dissociate race from occupation or social standing was crucial in ensuring long-term unity for the country – given its legacy and racial structure. On the contrary, today the civil service is largely associated with the Malay community.

What is the government doing to reverse the perception? When asked about this dilemma, the government often gave a familiar answer - the non-Malays are not interested to join the civil sector. Likewise, most Malay graduates have refused to seek jobs in the private sector and preferred to work for the government. It is obvious that the government is being selective in the implementation of the NEP.

He said that racial-based riots raged in neighbouring countries while Malaysia was spared the experience. The expansion of an educated and multi-ethnic middle class, thanks to affirmative action policies, has mitigated the risk of mass unrest. This is a most unscrupulous assumption.

Is the Prime Minister suggesting that a certain community will resort to crime and violence if special privileges are not accorded to them? Often the ones who are capable of rioting are the elites of the community who felt that their share of the economic pie is not enough. Most of these people who started the riots are politically connected with racist parties.

Abdullah added great disparities in income and social mobility still exist between ethnic groups. Whereas this may just be another issue in other countries, ethnic-based disparity strikes at the heart of national unity for Malaysia,” said Abdullah. Disparities in income between communities exist but it is time for the government to acknowledge the intra-community income disparity which is widening. The intra-community income disparity will be the roots of major social riots in the future.

When the NEP was implemented, it was understood that the policy will be reviewed and discontinued once more Malaysians have moved out from poverty. Many component parties' leaders accepted the implementation of the NEP because they genuinely believed that the other communities must sacrifice, at least for the next 15 years, to help alleviate the living standards of Bumiputera communities. Many of them have expressed their disappointment that the NEP is being manipulated and perpetuated without a time limit.

Abdullah is right to observe that the most difficult question we must address is to improve equity without sacrificing competitiveness. Many have come to regard Malaysia’s affirmative action policies, widely described as the NEP, as a cost to doing business.

The only way is to seriously looking into upgrading the knowledge and skills of the bumiputeras so that they can compete on equal footing with the rest.

To continue with the present form of NEP is unacceptable. Malaysians may have no choice but to vote for a regime change if this policy is continued.

UMNO is part of the problem created by the NEP. It is, afterall, the party which has the full control of the use of the affirmative instrument.


Anonymous said...

I suppose this is Malaysia and the majority want the NEP to continue indefinitely. To brand the govt incalcitrant, the UMNO as part of the problem created by NEP and to call for regime change are subversive and manipulative racist minority challenge to the will of majority. There is only one solution .....

Anonymous said...

Anoymous 223 pm,

If you had any sense in your head, you would relaize that it is the ABUSE of the NEP that is at fault and not the policy itself.

What the heck do you mean by subversive? Questioning govt policies are not traitorous activities.

And what is your solution?

Anonymous said...

You need to look at the whole picture knuckle head anon 659. What the host is trying to say is all there , in the last two paragraphs - undermine UMNO so that the people who rally behind it will fall apart. Its an old minority trick to cause split amongst the majority. Next step is to split votes among various parties and thats where the minority will triumph. Uncanny resemblance to the LKY doublespeak on IDR and UMNO.
AAh the solution, go find peace elsewhere, we dont need zionist adherents tainting my beloved Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Anoymous 752 pm,

Reading comprehension seems to be your problem. Lacking a few grey cells up there, eh?

I'll let Mr Khoo post here if he agrees with your statement.

You seem to be very concerned about protecting your beloved UMNO and even indulging in delusions regarding zionists in the midst of Malaysians.

And your usual retort is to move out of the country for those who don't agree with you.

News for you - I am staying so what the heck are you gonna about it, loser?

Anonymous said...

Anon 804 you implying you have more grey matter? Must be from the consumption of live monkey brain then - you're the only kind that do that. Neanderthals also have bigger brain. you'd say it's extinct but there interbred species, and you are one. The UMNO, LKY and zionist that's not for your consumption - to my fellow kind sorry for the disclosing this to our common e...y. Lastly be be clear I am not forcing you to vamoos, its a mere gesture for your own good - you are happy, and you love the people around you and you can choose to destroy the environment for all I care

Anonymous said...

Anoymous 120 pm aka Melayu Raya,

Not too bright are you? Can't retort without resorting to insults and racist name-calling? But given your lack of grey matter and your pathetic upbringing, I fully understand.

I suggest you take your own advice and vamoose from Malaysia - the country doesn't need racist morons like you. And if you don't care, what the heck are you here then?

p.s. This seems to be the only blog left to spill your verbal vomit as Tony Pua has moderated his blog. My suggestion to Mr Khoo is to do so likewise in his blog so as to block out scum of the earth such as Melayu Raya from muttering racist rubbish.

Anonymous said...

To the racist anoymous,

Do you have nothing else to post here except for displaying your dislike of chinese and telling them to leave?

Bet you don't have the guts to tell the chinese to their faces.

You are the worst broken record I have ever come across.

Anonymous said...

anon 304 you you dont even realise you are the full blooded racist yourself, just read up this blog again. Another problem is your 'aka' thing, I am no hakka and heaven forbids associating me with that @#&% thing. And what do you mean by Melayu Raya, I have not done any writing yet. But the name seems nice I dont mind associated to him.

Tony Pua has moderated his blog? Why should I care -who is he to warrant my attention? But since you mention it he must have feared me so much to have taken this step - out of fear of Melayu Raya revealing the truth and loss of blogger support to whatever bullshit he is trying to espouse. Hey he lost the battle! Good job Melayu Raya.

You dont want to leave - thats fine with me , as I say I dont force out people from my country. You can overstay and even hallicunate by calling yourself malaysian. I dont have gun and baton but there is a way for me and the majority to deal with scoundrels like you. In case you ask how - no, it wont be revealed to you. BTW the jihad is already on and will gather momentum. See we have nothing to lose to get rid of scums - detroyer of environment, social fabric and religion, like you.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Dear All,

Cool down...please do not use my blog as a personal boxing ring. I warn you for the last time.

Since the Melayu Raya wannabe wants to get us out. We should encourage him to do it electorally. Vote in the extremists.

On our side, we will try to deny the extremists in the next GE. Fair?

So calm down.

Anonymous said...

Anoymous 456 pm,

Calm down before you pop a blood vessel in your head.

As your pea brain cannot comprehend English acronyms and sees everything unknown with a hell-bent suspicion of Sinoism, aka means "also known as". This goes to show that the Chinese boogeyman is ingrained in your thick skull 24/7/365! LOL!

Tony Pua has banned your kind from his blog as he has stated he doesn't want brats like you from polluting with your inane and racist chants. Only idiots like you would see it as a battle. If you are so smart, start your own blog then and vent there for all we care.

My passport says I am Malaysian, care to dispute that? Who is the idiot who is hallucinating now? My passport cum Malaysian customs or you?

The only thing you can do is continue bullshitting in this blog whilst you can do NOTHING to me or force anyone fom leaving this country. Heck, you are such a yellow-belly chicken that you don't even dare to reveal who you are or dare to tell this to someone face-to-face.

Your last paragraph reveals the contradictory idiot that you are - you mention that you don't force people to leave yet you preach about jihad and getting rid of "scum".


Anonymous said...

Mr Khoo,

How much is this melayu raya bozo being paid for his clownish antics here?

Is this umno's answer to telling the truth in response to so-called opposition blogs?

If it is, they could have hired someone a little more cerebral instead of someone who was dropped on his head in childhood.

Anonymous said...

Hello Khoo,

Looks like the resident racist does not wish to do it electorally. Witness what he posted:

"BTW the jihad is already on and will gather momentum. See we have nothing to lose to get rid of scums - detroyer of environment, social fabric and religion, like you."

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Haha...I am beginning to enjoy the banters of our Melayu Raya wannabe. He cannot decide if he is with the majority or indeed he is with the minority.

He wrote:

To brand the govt incalcitrant, the UMNO as part of the problem created by NEP and to call for regime change are subversive and manipulative racist minority challenge to the will of majority.

First, if he has the majority support then why is he so afraid of a few fellas calling for a regime change? Is he worried that perhaps the majority is not on his side? He should laugh off his ass when I say that we might have to consider a regime change.

How can I be subversive?

Second, what is obvious is he is a minority in my blog. So, don't worry. I am liberal enough to tolerate dissent like him, afterall he is the minority voice here.

And if he is hired to do this, his bosses should sack him immediately He is not winning them more friends but he is surely irking many more ppl.

Give him the shovel, he will bury himself.

Anonymous said...

Good try KKP, I stand by my atatements here and to the majority pl take note their read tiong hua, china,apek, bangsa merempat,bangsat, tiongkok, tongsan or whatever name these pekingman call themselve as, attempts to undermine our resolve. Just unite and whatever they say take it with a grain of salt.These are what kafirs do so dont be misled
Hidup Melayu

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Melayu Raya Wannabe,

Now you really sound pathetic and worried. Why? Now you are even afraid that Malaysians of all races might even think that you are a real racist sucker?

You do not have to tell any of our Malay friends here to accept what they wanted to. They are not stupid you know? They have a mind of their own to accept whatever they wanted.

Now, the sand you are standing on is sinking 5 feet more foot and you are finished. So, I would not continue to draw the disgust of other readers if i were you.

As a God fearing person, you should know that you are being judged.

Anonymous said...

Not worried la KKP. Sometimes I just need to remind myself and my people not to be lulled and manipulated by magog kafir like you.

Anonymous said...

dear anon224, its obvious you are the one who started the whole racist mudslinging in this blog which was meant for discussion and sharing of views.

i think you should really look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself how did you become such a racist. its obvious you are educated, and if you truly are, i think you are more than able to carry a debate without reaching into the racist bag slung over your shoulder there.

so, if you want to debate and share views, go ahead this is a blog for you, but if you have nothing to share but your slanted views of life, maybe you should leave (kalau tak suka, boleh blah).

and my final piece of advice for you today, everbody gots a mind of their own and not robots. so, if you articulate your views and points well, you may even win some supporters right here.

just an innocent bystander... oedipus

Anonymous said...

Anon 413, to experience the mix in an apek-dominated firm may be reason enough for me to know the true colors of apek-thinking. This is jihad ( or in your adopted language a crusade) to put right the double-speak and manipulation by the host and its bloggers. I am not seeking debate but merely disseminating truths to the public. So you see why I am merely offering a solution as a way out for you. If they have their way my people just want throw you out to the sea. Thats not human, proper passage should be given laa. Yes, truth hurts.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Melayu Raya wannabe,

Hey, why should you torture yourself in the firm. If I were you, so strong in your communal sentiment, I would throw in the letter before 5.30pm today.

Stop torturing yourself! Don't be a fool unless you are really a big one.

Just resign. Go join a firm made up of only your kind if you can find. Maybe, some terrorist organisations might need a talent like you?

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Now you know you are not going to have your way here, eh? Not too late, you are obviously learning fast that this is a multiracial country and all eyes are on us.

Told you, you are not going to have your way and you would not believe me?

Do it electorally lah. Vote in the extremists and then throw us out.

Anonymous said...

and may i know your jihad? what are you fighting for?

i am very sorry that you have to suffer each day at work and see chinese faces enjoying themselves at work. but hey, maybe thats how God is testing you eh?

not bystander anymore... oedipus

Anonymous said...

KKP dont need to be so upstrung, and pl I dont work for any slit-eyes. In fact there is no need for me to resign because I am at the higher end of the food chain. I am doing well, see I even have lots of time at my disposal as and when I choose. No need to reveal my standing as this is not a private agenda, but let me put it this way, I dont rely from your kind - thats an insult. Rather its the other way round. As stated earlier I am not here to debate but to put forth the fact of the matter and expose the typical manipulation by these minorities - thats also jihad mr octopus. I leave it to my people on the other optios

Anonymous said...

Melayu Raya spouted:

"I am not seeking debate but merely disseminating truths to the public. So you see why I am merely offering a solution as a way out for you."

Aiyah don't insult people's intelligence lah, those who can access this blog will surely know how to read its contents.

Only a retard like you who was repeatedly dropped on his head during childhood would post such infantile remarks about offering solutions and whatnot.

Anonymous said...

Melayu Raya wrote:

"Good try KKP, I stand by my atatements here"

That would include standing by your idiocy as highlighted by your presumption that "AKA" is the same as "HAKKA".

What a retard! LOL!

Grow a few more brain cells before you post here lah, moron!

Anonymous said...

KKP I thought we agree not to be vulgar. That should cover your blind bloggers too. Well my fellow kind, see the kind of immigrants the brits brought in

Anonymous said...


Take a look at what you have posted, melayu raya boy!

"tiong hua, china,apek, bangsa merempat,bangsat, tiongkok, tongsan "

These are vulgar AND racist labels!!


Anonymous said...

anon 810, truth hurts

Anonymous said...

So you accuse others of being vulgar whilst you indulge in vulgarity yourself.

Melayu raya, you are a hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

dear anon652,

i am afraid you have wrongly used the word jihad which is supposed to have religious bearings, but in your reasoning, you have used jihad as a phasad for your supremist views.

remember my friend, do not use Gods' name in vain for you will be judged by your actions.

remember also mr anon, you have contradicted and tripped over yourself with more remarks you make.

on one hand you claim of the minorities depending on you (top of the food chain) for a living, but at the other end you claim the minorities are typically manipulating and twisting the country.

my friend, you are more chinese than any one here, sebab pandai pusing. in fact lebih pandai pusing dari orang cina. so, why dont you start giving us concrete facts and points (your point of view) instead of just hate? i do not know what to do with such hate, i usually just chuck them in the thrash bin and then have a cup of coffee lah.


Anonymous said...

Wahh mr ostopus by your own admission apeks are biggest swine lo. Btw at the top end you are the real capitalist, my religion allows for it. Whats wrong in holding company stakes and earning dividends. And as for the jihad, it encompasses corruption and social disease like prostitution which are so closely associated with your kind - just read todays newspaper report on the china link behind Musharaf's attack on a pakistan mosque recently. So jihad is on these kind of parasites which destroys environment, culture and religion. Your genes are such that these are intertwined with these anti social habits. And pl I am not into debating but merely stating facts and giving you the solution - leave. And I am not propagating violence unless you seek for it as in the DAP provoked 13th May which you are saying now is an unfinished business.

Anonymous said...

Melayu raya,

People are staying.

Now you can go start your jihad, you racist yob.

Until they drag you back to the mental hospital you came out from.

Anonymous said...

"And pl I am not into debating but merely stating facts and giving you the solution - leave."

All you have stated is a bunch of racist tripe of which the Jerai MP would have been proud of.

And take you solution to heart - you can leave Malaysia, no need for you to be here.

Anonymous said...

anon 533 you are called bangsat for this reason, you come here without any invitation and then refuse to budge.

Anonymous said...

Anoymous 703 pm,

So what the hell can you do to me, bangsat boy?

Cakap banyak tapi bola kecut.

Talk is cheap lah, you don't have the bloody guts to do ANYTHING!

Anonymous said...

This blog is for one to express his thought, so the only thing you'll get is talk. Yes you can also show your upbringing with all your vulgarities typical of kongsi gelap yellow menace animal instinct. But the jury is out, the show has begun - say no to environment violators, the corrupt giver and the cultural destructor of prostition and gamblers. Such despicable race these bangsa bansat merempat.

Anonymous said...

haha accuse others of vulgarities and in the same breath call others bangsat.

Talk all you want - there's nothing you can do to anyone here because you don't have the guts.

Follow Mr Khoo's advice, vote for the extremists and we sane ones will vote against them.

Anonymous said...

What sane are you talking about, one who dont flinch to destroy environment, society just for that bit of money. You are the extremist while the majority is only trying to preserve mother earth. Pl la go back from where you come from and do whatever you want to do for all we care

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Melayu Raya wannabe,

I am not so sure if you are on the higher food chain. On the contrary, your colleagues might be actually be putting you on 'cold storage' so that you sit there with ample time to other things like posting racist comments on my blog and then rot.

You are not happy at all that is why I can sense a strong jealousy in your heart of your other colleagues. You are so depressed that you start to accuse everyone else but yourself of your own situation.

Shame on you!

The more racist venom you throw out the more the venom will get into your heart and mind.

It will make you a disillusioned and angry man.

I pity you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Wooi Melayu Raya, vote for your extremists and indulge in your fantasies of saving mother earth lah. I vote against them.

Did you get hit on the head with a hard object when you were a babe?

Anonymous said...

Mr Khoo wrote:

"You are not happy at all that is why I can sense a strong jealousy in your heart of your other colleagues. You are so depressed that you start to accuse everyone else but yourself of your own situation."

Only weak-minded characters will resort to blaming everyone else except themselves.

Melayu Raya has exhibited strong symptoms of such a loser mentality, that's why he's lashing out at chinese.

Anonymous said...

Melayu Raya can speak for himself, but I am not being personal here as I am more than comfortable. Its my future generation that I am concerned of - need to stop the yellow menace from destroying my country through your wanton destruction of environment and society. My take is no hurry to development, ther is more to life than money - the only path for us to pack them off to motherland hahaha

Anonymous said...

One more thing, pl put the record straight here - the extremist here are all you pendatang ( basically chinese) trying to impose your minority ideas on us. And those ideas are nothing but to destroy the environment and culture of my beloved country. Asking you to leave is just being polite, just give us an excuse like what the DAP did in the summer of '69 and we wont be tolerant this time round

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and start another May 13 racial riot - if you have the guts.

Go on, I dare you to.

But then, racist cowards who hide behind nicks never DARE to do anything.

Mulut cakap saja, nak buat aksi bola kecut lah!

Anonymous said...

Folks like this melayu raya wannabe should just jump off the nearest tall building to end his miserable and unhappy existence.

Must be torture for him to see chinese around him everyday -hahaha!!!!

Anonymous said...

dear anon 150am,

if we are extremist, perhaps you are the supremist then. pls do not associate what happened in pakistan to what is happening here. if those extremist that hold ppl hostage in a mosque were to do that here in malaysia, i am sure they will also be dead, killed by the special forces of malaysia.

perhaps you prefer to live in a monoethnic society and isolate yourself in a cave, but you have to face the fact that we live in a multicountry and multiethnic world. if you hate the chinese soo much, why dont you say something about the loan the chinese government gave to malaysia to build the second bridge in penang? you should be protesting to UMNO or UMNO Youth about this travesty of justice. imagine, borrowing from communist china! the ones chin peng had fought for! and malaysia governemnt deemed fit to deny chin pengs entry to malaysia, but welcomed those of mainland china. if you want to hate, choose whom you hate better la.

i know you are not propagating violence, but i hope you can accept and tolerate other ppls views and this is what blogs and forums are for. if you can, do stay a little bit so we may understand your view better. if you are up to reason, do stop silly racist remarks that will not help to solve our unity problem.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"Just initiate say kill one of our sultan and see what happens."

More likely it's one of you melayu raya numbskulls who would do just that.

Cause you don't have the brains to think straight.

And since Tony Pua's blog is off-limits to you now, this is the only blog you can vent your anger and frustration. What a sad pathetic miserable creature you are. You might as well commit suicide as you have to see chinese everyday of your idiotic existence.

Your existence here is permissible by Mr Khoo - learn to be polite instead of ranting and raving like a Tanjung Rambutan lunatic.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1023 apart from your vulgarities what's the issue tongsan? I keep hearing about this tony pua what is he to you another of your chinpeng ?

Anonymous said...

The only issue for me is to laugh and mock your idiotic postings.

And pity your miserable existence as a result of your pathetic upbringing.

Anonymous said...

Dato Jo pl haul up this anon 10 fella for quetioning, he's just an idiot laughing at himself but just bring him over to Kajang detention camp to hopefully sober him up

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Dato Jo you may want to check out on this Tony Pua fella too. Seems like he is also spreading lies given his many followers here. Dont leave these dirt to accumulate.

Anonymous said...

haha if you want to haul me or anyone else up, do it yourself lah, you yellow belly chickensh** coward.

The good datuk has better things to do than to heed the words of a cowardly cacing like you.

Anonymous said...

dear troll,

i see that you have totally missed my point, and from what i have read of your post, i think you are a very angry person, but at the same time childish and not realistic at all.

the bumiputra has almost 100% control of all facets of public service from police, army, bomba, teaching, banking, higher education and public delivery. and here you are, shouting and spouting unfairness and greed. claiming the minorities are a threat to your wellbeing and 'ketuanan'. to tell you the truth, the malays biggest challenge is the malays themselves.

until the day, you guys come to terms with yourself and reality, there will be no end to the blame game (just like malaysian football).

i do not think i wish to continue this 'talk' with you anymore because it is obvious you are not capable for a decent (and i mean decent) discussion and i seem to wasting time on a child trying hard to be a man.

my last suggestion to you, you can go on and live the life of hate and jealousy, but i will continue to go to my friends' house for raya, deepavali, christmas, and chinese new year. untill then, have a better life!


Anonymous said...

Lost a simple argument? Of course hypocrites will put up a face, and greedy pigs will continue to befriend my mild mannered countrymen hoping to further suck my people's blood. The continued manipulation of figures by these minorities sees no end. The destruction of my fragile environment and betterment of my social fabric is threatend. There is no turning back now but to have more concerted effort to enforce proportionate share of the economic cake before considering the next course of action. Yes Dato Najib in today's paper has spoken out not to think of the disproportionate 30% but to go for 100%. As I have said earlier I dont intend to debate because it'll be a long engagement especially with these extremists who has set minds, but it is my mission to put the record straight. Adios and vamoos

Khoo Kay Peng said...


The best way to treat people like this Melayu Raya wannabe is to ignore him.

We should not ban him unless he put up stupid and subversive things which dragged in our beloved sultans.

If you respond to him, he will churn out more racist statements. Can you read his game plan? He is a hired gun aimed at trapping bloggers who speak their mind.

To help me, do not fall into his trap. DO NOT RESPOND TO HIS RACIST STATEMENTS.

Let him come here and talk to himself.

However, we are not going to act so low like his kind who will put people behind bars if they don't comply.

We allow freedom of speech and we should also exercise our rights to respond to only intelligent and fair posts.

So, just ignore this racist person. He is inflicted with yellow fever and hates everything yellow. In fact yellow is a royal colour for the Malay sultans.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Khoo we should not allow him this privilege to air views in our blog. He is only taking advantage of your openness and poisoning our young minds. I am not sure about the Sultan, I think the institution is a feudalistic Islamic pro-Malay bias and is a drain to our tax money?

Anonymous said...


With this article out and published widely in, which you hit a taboo topic where the entire country knows about it except UMNO which is in selective denial mode, did you get any 'pep talk' from TanSri Dato Dr Chin Fook Weng and Sdr. Soong Siew Hong ?


Anonymous said...

"However, we are not going to act so low like his kind who will put people behind bars if they don't comply."

Thumbs up for you, Mr Khoo.

The less we speak with this kind of jakuns, the better we will be.

Anonymous said...

This anon 927 is another typical racist, insinuating the jakuns now!

Anonymous said...

This might be of interest to those of you who wonder how much these brats are being paid and they are organized to kacau blogs and forums.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter who pays what but the message is the pendatang is the true racist, a clear example is the mocking the gentle jakun tribes

Khoo Kay Peng said...

I have not got any pep talk from anyone. By the way, most politicians who knew me understand my character well enough.

My comments have been fair and consistent.

I am not pro-BN or pro-Opposition but I am pro-Malaysia.

What is good for all Malaysians regardless of race is good for me.

Hence, we must start to look at the needs and plights of the bottom rung of the society.

I came from there and I know how hard it is to earn a decent living. Our policies cannot be merely pro-capitalists.

Pure capitalism is not a good thing. There must be some from of non-racial but need-based affirmative action or a social welfare system provided to help these people.

Anonymous said...

Fair statement, but the majority Malay must remain above others in all aspect of life here in Malaysia - no compromise

Anonymous said...

The only compromise would be to cleanse this blog of melayu raya wannabes.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 916 thats a cowardice act truth hurts hahaha

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Melayu Raya wannabe,

Now you know why I can't avoid laughing at your own stupidity. If you are a Malay, I am sure many Malays would like to disassociate themselves from you.

Malays above the rest? Yeah, why hard, acquire skills, create more Nobel Prize winners, solve your Mat Rempits problem, incest, drug addicts and other social ills..oh ya, rid off people such as Zakaria Mat Deros, close 'one eye' Jasin MP, and many more.

Then you know what, anyone in the world will accept you as a competent person and truly above the rest.

Also, stop your idiotic views and statements here. You are only proving to the rest 'below' you that you are such an idiot and underserving to be called a superior human being.

Don't just talk, act on it. No one is stopping anyone from being great.

And stop loafing around in your office and spend your free time on stupid posts on my blog. Work hard and move up to the highest value chain and then we will talk.

My advice to you: stop being such an idiot. It pains me to find someone educated like wasting your life away on these racist statements.

You are bringing shame to you, your family, your community and the Muslim society.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaa you are right laa KKP, wasting my time with you and your bloggers. BTW the Malay problems is our problem, dont need you to tell us - we know your only intention is to cause divisions among us. Thats a well known jew/LKY trick. And work? some people need to give their time and some their sweat ( not forgetting setting up illicit and unethical business like your kind - which you never expose), but what if I tell you just by thinking out ideas and strategies with minimum capital outlay and get others to implement will bring you the riches? But still talking with immigrants seem to be a waste of time after all, I get no fresh ideas at all. Ps: I'll be busy and away for the next 6 weeks, so pl behave yourself so that I dont have to do any surfing on my 'berry

Anonymous said...

Away? Good, you won't be missed.

Go take your miserable pay from umno and chao, kampung boy!

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Melayu Raya wannabe,

I am glad you know I am right about you. I was right from the beginning.

Yeah, many people in Malaysia are even better off than you. All they have to do is to apply for several Class A,B,C and F licenses and they loads of contracts. This people do not even have to think but money will flow in. Of course, they have others to implement for them too.

Now, aren't they better than you? So, use your 6 weeks to reflect and hopefully you will end up being wiser and more matured.

Anonymous said...

The NEP is best described with the following quote

"All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach."

As for the rascist above, a little paraphrasing of the quote below aptly applies to him

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

Please find the courage to forgive him so that the rest of us can move on.