Friday, July 27, 2007

PM to Decide on Syariah Courts vs. Civil Courts Issue

Any further action on the judiciary’s call for Parliament to resolve the question of jurisdiction between the civil and syariah courts lies in the hands of the Prime Minister, de-facto law minister Nazri Aziz said.

The PM is expected to consult his component parties' leaders before coming out with a decision soon.

He was asked if the Government would take up the call by the Federal Court in re Latifah Mat Zin on Wednesday.

Bar Council chairman Ambiga Sreenevasan said there have been an increasing number of family disputes affecting Muslims and non-Muslims that overlap both jurisdictions.

“This decision brings about some certainty (and with that less anxiety and anguish to Muslims and non-Muslims) as to where parties may go to pursue their legal remedies,” said Ambiga, in commending the court for emphasising the importance of acting in conformity with the Federal Constitution.

While clarifying some issues, she said the Federal Court had noted there could be situations where there may be matters outside the jurisdiction of both courts, resulting in no available remedy in either court.

“This has to be comprehensively addressed either by the courts or by Parliament as suggested in the judgment.”

It is timely that the prime minister act on the matter to fill up the legal lacuna which affects the jurisdiction of the courts e.g. syariah and civil. However, any proposed amendment must seek to protect the original spirit of the federal constitution which respects the role of religion especially Islam but remained secular in essence.

It will be a trying time for the non-Muslim leaders in BN to decide on the amendment. This is a duty call for them to prove that they are loyal Malaysians and respected the spirit of federal constitution.


Anonymous said...

what can you expect of a leader of the country who is AWOL for near 10 days ?

and the media blackout does not help too ...

koolgeek said...

The PM should be someone who can represent the voices of the minority and tend to the needs of the majority.

Badawi is no such person.

Anonymous said...

huh...? get him to decide ke?

muah ha ha...!!!

Anonymous said...

for goodness sake!!! getting that guy to decide akin to asking the sil.

so, u r saying, that green ciku is better than all those legal brains we have in bolehland.

... what a tough week ahead.

Anonymous said...

It takes time unify the law into one. We cannot make the same mistake as the west free-for-all secular law

Khoo Kay Peng said...

What make you think that the western secular law is a free-for-all law? Try murder somebody there or commit a crime on humanity and see what you will get.

Know the subject before you speak.

Anonymous said...

You are too simpleton la KKP

Anonymous said...

Anoymous 919 pm,

If you claim that Mr Khoo is a simpleton, kindly provide some substance to your accusation instead of one-liner garbage.