Thursday, August 23, 2007

CIMB Wealth Advisors Bumi and Non-Bumi Dichotomy

I am an investor with CIMB Wealth Advisors. However, I do not see why the company should differentiate its clients between bumiputera and non-bumiputera.

I told my agent while I am keen to support a Malay company, I am totally against such distinction. It does not make business sense for the company to do.

The company must take out these two boxes from its investment application form or lose more investment from us.


Anonymous said...

Born in Malaysia = Malaysian ,
wtf is all these bs racial segregation. Look at Thailand , look at language , one nation, one rakyat.

Who wants to be born having no right to choose your own religion? The same as who chose to be handicapped or diseased or orphaned at birth or perhaps born in this country?

Brothers and sisters in arms, look across the borders, Singapore, once part of us and Thailand , a country which was way backward than us 20 years is claiming to be Detroit of Asia. Pretty great for a nation that does not have it's own national car. Proton is probably the only car company in this world that never progressed (in 20 years)

I don't mean to just criticise, open your eyes ...these are just facts. Hypocrite politicians and country leaders are amongst us, whether Chinese, Indian, Malay or Bengali (know why CIMB bank is the most muhibbah bank now?)

Getting everyone to build that semangat muhibah and racial harmony is utter crap now. It's just the facts. Look around many inter-racial groups (non-business/ work related) you see in mamaks, restaurants (halal ones), coffee shops ...etc. When i was much younger, i used to see it often, no longer exists ...perhaps in small towns or with the older folk.

Fact: The last 2 prime ministers weren't pure MALAY, one was a MAMAK (eh, macha! seen his siblings?) the other has chinese roots...yet the were in UMNO. Are you calling your prime minister , leader of UMNO, husband of non-Malay UMNO puteri member...a PENDATANG? A MIGRANT?

Belief (soon): Malaysian Prime Minister can be of any race. (Why be so fixated, colourful mah...oh yeah it's malaysian prime minister, not MALAY prime minister!...ada M'sia birth cert - qualified la!)

Fact: Jeanne Abdullah (a serani i believe) is in Puteri Umno. She ain't Malay, eh mat, keturunan boleh ditukar bila-bila ke?!


(pardon my intended pun, but i can't help it, you create racism with this system, not you the rakyat but the political system , UMNO and BN)

A thought? Qualification or 'Kulit'fication?

Alright, i am selfish, but who isn't. It's about survival but for the greater of mankind and for Malaysia to deliver its Vision 2020, some changes has to be made! (Change is inevitable!)

1. Breed the race out! Like how King Edward Longshanks in Braveheart did to the Scots. Yes guys, please be more productive (you can have 4 wives here)

2.UMNO, MCA and MIC dissolved. No 'racially' inclined political party!

3.Put an expiry date to NEP. Yes there will be some transition period but continue with it, this country will never become developed

4. Religion remains a choice
(All Malays are muslims, but NOT ALL muslims are Malays)

5. Still like the bumiputra status. Sijil Kelahiran makes you a bumiputra. Fair?
(All Malays are bumiputras, but NOT all bumiputras are Malays)

6. Lastly, for heaven's sake get Samy to retire.

Anonymous said...

CIMB is a GLC and not a Malay company. So it reflects the thinking of the government which comprise all races.

Anonymous said...

Just want to know...why choose CIMB unit trust instead of other banks(Public Bank,Maybank or etc...)?

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Because of a friend, who is an agent of CIMB.

I will put the rest of my money in other financial instruments.