Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Divisive, Very Divisive

I just ran through a google check on "Wee Meng Chee" and read some messages posted on various blogs. My observation is the issue is over sensationalised by various parties especially the Malay press.

It is divisive, fellow Malaysians. Certain politicians want to use the issue to distract us from other major issues in the country. We have better things to focus on. It is not the time to talk about pride and ego. If what Wee said is not too kind to our ears, I am sure many of you have said it worse even if you do not know the other party you have criticised. You are only as good as your responses.

Wee is a product of the system. He is conditioned by the environment he was brought up. My friends observed this event and told me that they dread the situation will turn into an ugly socio-political wildfire which threatens our social harmony.

What will happen if a Chinese no longer feel safe and comfortable living beside a Malay vice versa?

Read this letter in Malaysiakini.


Anonymous said...

Do you realise that you are also provoking the Malays by supporting anti national elements in this country Tanah Melayu?

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Malays do not equal to national elements. This is my Malaysia as much as yours too.

I hope you get this into your head. I do not agree with abuse language used on the Malay which is unfair and degratory. I have noted that but I am not going to tolerate racist politicians trying to suppress other races.

I am as Melayu as you are. So, this is my Tanah Melayu too. What right do you have to take my Tanah Melayu away from me?

Trying to act like the whites that you have critized? Are you embracing white supremacism as a form of Malay dominance?

Anonymous said...

You cant be Melayu - pl dont distort facts as you will definitely lose whats left of your credibility. BTW ketuanan Melayu is here to stay, Period

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Oh kita sama-sama Tuan ma. Lose credibility? Like your bosses ma, where got credibility?

Why can't I be a Melayu? A senior minister wife can recently become a Malay why can't I?

Why? U pilih kasih ka?

Kita sama-sama Melayu ma.

Anonymous said...
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