Friday, August 10, 2007

Is MCA Still Relevant?

By accusing Wee Meng Chee, a 24-year old Taiwan-based undergraduate, of mocking the national anthem, MCA Youth Chief Liow Tiong Lai has missed the opportunity to find out why Chinese Malaysian youths are not satisfied with the ruling government.

Instead of hurling an accusation against Wee which is hard to justify, Liow should have engaged Wee to find out why he wrote the song. His sentiment could be shared by many Chinese Malaysians who are struggling to be accepted as Malaysians of equal status with the majority.

Wee had recorded a parody using the tune of “Negaraku” and the lyrics of his song contained stinging criticism against the government’s racist policies and the ineptness of police force. His song which was listed on was accessed by almost 400 thousands visitors.

It cannot be denied that since the Asian financial crisis in 1997, the Chinese community felt that they have lost their sense of direction. Three main elements are very important to the community, namely, economic and employment opportunities, political stability and social harmony.

Since the financial crisis, the domestic business climate remained mediocre although the national economy continues to grow between 5 to 6 percent. The growth is attributed to the primary commodities, oil and gas and public sectors. These sectors are dominated by large and government linked companies. The inept performance of the economy has caused frustration and dissatisfaction of both the Chinese and Malay businessmen.

Unfortunately, instead of focusing on growing the economic pie to help uplift the economic well-being of all races UMNO called for a redistribution of private equity ownership and wanted the NEP to continue indefinitely. Moreover, the allegation that Chinese Malaysians monopolized the country’s wealth obviously did not go down well with those who are struggling to stay afloat in a mediocre domestic market and a competitive world out there.

Since April 2004, governmental agencies and departments were told to procure directly from Malay suppliers for purchases more than 10 thousands ringgit. Within UMNO, the party had established a unit to monitor any leakages of contracts from the Malays to other communities. Until recently, MCA ministers appeared to be ignorant of the directive.

Without any access to the government procurement which seemed to be favouring a special segment of the society and a lackluster domestic economy, the non-Malay owned small and medium companies are neither expanding nor creating employment opportunities. Many are struggling to cope with rising costs of transportation, utilities and raw materials.

Recently, the eminent Professor Emeritus Mohd Ariff voiced his concern that the domestic economy is not generating enough vacancies to cater for the local workforce. His concern is evident judging from the unemployment statistics of the fresh graduates and new entrants to the labour force which is growing to an unhealthy 80 thousands or more.

Some of the detrimental implications are the growing intra-ethnic inequality which has increased from 1999 to 2004, decline in earning premium of university graduates and the growth of cheap foreign labour (almost 3.5 million) in the country.

On the economic front, MCA has failed to provide a leadership to the community it claimed to represent. It is evident that the party was not consulted in the process of drafting the 9th Malaysia Plan (2006-2010). The plan marked an unprecedented occasion where both Islam Hadhari and Malay Agenda were listed as a comprehensive development framework and a target for the socio-economic blueprint. The inclusion of Islam Hadhari as a comprehensive development framework of the blueprint has turned the 9MP into a divisive document.

The lack of participation and engagement in the policy making process did not allow MCA to present the interests and needs of the SMEs which are predominantly controlled by Chinese Malaysians to Cabinet for consideration. As a result, there is no sense of direction for the local SMEs. In addition to the mediocre domestic economy and intense competition outside, these SMEs are faced with prohibitive laws such as the Industrial Coordination Act and the Distributive Trade Act which are detrimental to their business growth.

While the party has launched numerous initiatives, none of these initiatives is able to comprehensive present a roadmap to the Chinese community on how they should prepare themselves to face global competition and what they should do to thrive domestically. Instead of paying lip service, the party should find a political solution to the lack of direction of the Chinese owned businesses in the country.

Politically, the Chinese community is quite disturbed with recent gestures and statements made by leaders of UMNO which are laced with violence and racism. Many viewed the provocations as unnecessary. If MCA wants to remain relevant to the Chinese community, it must reassess its position in the BN vis-à-vis UMNO. In a rebuttal to UMNO Youth Chief Hishammudin Hussein on the Islamic state declaration by Najib Razak, Liow retorted by saying that MCA is an equal partner in BN and not a slave.

Rhetoric aside, it is pertinent for MCA to access its real political influence in BN and how the party can play a role in ensuring the policy making process and the state machineries are not dominated by a single party. The party launched its ‘Rakyat Malaysia’ campaign last year and tried to win detractors over by arguing that it is more realistic than ‘Bangsa Malaysia’. ‘Rakyat Malaysia’ or Malaysian citizen focuses on rights ascribed to the Malaysian citizenship.

It is an irony that after almost 50 years of independence that the party is still talking about citizenship rights and the federal constitution. Is it a self admission that the party has failed to integrate the Chinese community within the larger Malaysian society? As a result, the question about equal rights continues to linger in the thoughts of most Chinese Malaysians. I have argued elsewhere that Chinese Malaysians still think like migrants. Their lack of self-belonging to the nation is evident.

In the last 10 years, more than 80 thousands Chinese Malaysians have taken up foreign citizenships. Hundreds of thousands more are living abroad as permanent residents or students. Their situation is not helped by an overdose of ethno-religious politicking and a politically weak MCA. The perception of marginalization and helplessness is thick amongst Chinese Malaysians. Wee’s song which detailed his sentiment is an example.

Socially, the party was not able to do more than providing matchmaking services for its members. Chinese vernacular schools received about 3 percent of the total allocation for education. MCA is claiming credit for successfully relocating and rehabilitating more than 60 primary Chinese vernacular schools in the country. However, the number of children attending Chinese vernacular primary schools has grown by almost 40 percent in the last 10 years. Today, almost 95 percent of all Chinese Malaysians aged between 7-12 years old are attending the vernacular schools. But the number of schools has decreased since the early 70’s.

A young MCA upstart and a celebrity defended MCA in a talk show and said that the party has successfully increased the number of government scholarship recipients. He did not mention the yearly agony of thousands of youths who have to beg and appeal for places in the local universities to study courses of their choice despite obtaining good results at the public examinations.

The community does not need an MCA which acts like a welfare organization or a complaint bureau but an MCA which can aptly represent their political, social and economic interests. Only a politically potent MCA can act as the guardian of the community.

My criticisms of the MCA do not mean that I condone racial politics but merely to point out to the party leadership what it has failed to do in the last 38 years since 1969. It cannot claim to represent the voices of the Chinese community in Malaysia if it is only interested in playing fringe politics.

Liow Tiong Lai’s reaction to Wee Meng Chee’s harmless song is a good example of a lack of political acumen. By wrongly accusing Wee of mocking the national anthem without looking deeper at the content and intent of the song, Liow should be reminded that his own honeymoon as the MCA Youth Chief is over.


Anonymous said...

What can you say about MCA?

A vote for MCA is a vote for UMNO.

Voting for MCA is voting AGAINST Chinese interest since UMNO is against Chinese interest.

No surprise there. The only surprise is why the Chinese are still voting MCA.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaa not 'think like migrant' laa but chinese are migrants! And only 8,000 migrate per year ka.. so how to reduce chinese to below 5% population aah.

Anonymous said...

Not MCA fault laa.. the reason is in the chinese dreaming of motherland by having chinese school coupled with inborn kiasu attitude. No wonder chinese are getting more and more extremist with almost all of them indoctrinated in chinese school to hate anything Malay-sia. So close all chinese school which is the root cause of so much divisiveness today.

Anonymous said...

You got sh*te for brains.

If chinese schools were closed by force, the government will get a full-scale revolt in its hands.

koolgeek said...

Something our forefathers have painstakingly fought for is now being forgotten. Chinese education is struggling to survive under MCA.

Anonymous said...

The root cause of the issue is not NEP for the Malay community which requires some level of help to compete but NEP for UMNOPutras. I am supportive if the NEP is to help those that requires some kick-start to compete but not the level of NEP for UMNOPutras.

The difference ? Read in between the lines and the situation is getting from bad to worst. Talk to the man on the streets. They said it is all about contracts. Who gets the majority of them that makes the bulk of the money and what are their linkages ?
Imagine, with every making of the Zakarias, there will be many of those under privelege that is sufferings and this is what angers the rakyat. But the sad thing is that they do not have clear trusted alternative at this point. Barisan Alternatif ? Will they be able to steer clear of money politics when in power ? Anwar as the PM ??? He has been there with them and see it through with them.

Until a clear alternative is available, many will just be a silent majority and decide who to vote for the morning the wake up during the polling day.

History has shown, Greed has destroyed many big nation and great civilization.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Hey Melayu Raya wannabe,

Welcome back! I heard from your friend that your father came from Jawa about 30 years ago. This makes you a migrant too. We call you Xinkek (newcomer).

So you are also a fellow migrant. Don't act like we are your enemy lar. You think I don't know who you are ar?

Try me...wink! wink!

Anonymous said...

So the Melayu Raya fellow is a migrant after all! Heck, I am a fourth generation Malaysian so my roots are deeper than his and there is no way in hell I am gonna accuse my fellow Malaysians of being kaum pendatang.

Anonymous said...

Mr Khoo,

Can you explain why these acts (Industrial Coordination Act and the Distributive Trade Act) are detrimental to Chinese SMEs?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Really thought you are espousing the concept of Malaysian Malaysia ( another big joke) but it is clear that with your agreement to this youtube fella I finally conclude you are no different from ALL other chinese - so pl take heed my suggestion go home to your motherland, this place is not suitable for you ( read all china Xingkek).
Read somewhere you mentioned my father came from Java 30 years ago. Good try, you are wrong but he had been there for a visit, which also included Bali. So I have no choice but to let you keep the Xingkek title to you and your followers. To your so called 4th generation migrant pl note that babas and nonyas are also migrants. Whether or not my father is from Java so what, he is still a Malay from Rumpun Melayu Nusantara.
BTW there's no shame to be a migrant KKP but as an uninvited guest pl leave when the host tells you so. China is developing at a very fast pace,so you wont feel lost there. The talk about 'make less babies but more piggies' shouldnt prevent you from moving over there since you have gained so much expertise in environmental and cultural destructions, and such other fly-by-night operations which they promote incessantly. Or you can choose taiwan and join the youtube boy - you can post as much anti Malay-sia blog and I promise not to respond.

Anonymous said...


You can take the lead by moving your butt to Jawa where your roots are.


sya said...

keep it up .

( )

Khoo Kay Peng said... I have a new nick for you - Bumi Celup Jawa.

Why don't you go and ask fellow real Malays in Malaysia whether a Jawa celup like you can be considered a bumiputera and see what they will tell you?

I have hit the right button huh? So your dad went back to visit your relatives issit? See? I got so many Malay good friends who will be on lookout for a pendatang like you who wanted to clash different races in Malaysia.

Please appreciate that this country has been nice to you.

Anonymous said...

Mr Khoo,

Can you explain why these acts (Industrial Coordination Act and the Distributive Trade Act) are detrimental to Chinese SMEs?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi KKp ,
You must a nuthead. He went to Jakarta on business delegation, nothing so faciful about that. And so do I. I have even been to Hongkong more than twice, as well as to Macau, Beijing and Shanghai. That does not make me a chinese, Phew!. I should know where he was born, so nothing to do with celup or whatever. This is typical dap/gerakan befriending my people to take advantage their good nature and then use it against them, a futile tactic to split the Malays. Try again nuthead. As I said ealier chinese population in this country should be reduced to below 5% by any means. Just try and provoke us to make this a reality hahaha

Anonymous said...

I provoke you.

So start reducing, bozo.


Typical umno cyber chicken.

pit said...

While Wee may have good reasons to be dissatisfied (or whatever it is that he feels), mocking Negaraku is not the way to express it.
Being a Malay I cannot help but notice how vocal the Chinese have been with regards to awards of scholarship or places in universities. As if these seeming injustice doesn't happen to Malays or Indians.
Back in 1984 I got 8A's in my SPM (which was then not as common as it is today) and somehow couldn't get a scholarship. And I was good enough to play football for the district too, in addition to representing the school in various sports. My father was a primary school teacher, my mother a housewife. I moved on with life with hardly a whimper. And I'm a millionaire now working for a foreign multi-national. I can tell you they don't care if you're a Chinese or a Malay.
This is probably not a good yardstick to measure how well I've become as a citizen. But my point really is I just cannot stand people who whine especially when they have less reasons to do so than I do. Let alone mocking the national anthem.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Dear Pit,

Many Chinese Malaysians did what you do...move on without a whimper and never to return to the country again.

You are not alone in getting full As and not getting a scholarship. By the way, when you did you SPM in 1984 there wasn't that many scholarships to give away.

Many of us did get straight As like you, not only in SPM but also at higher levels.

What I pointed out was not scholarships but merely places at the local university. I was a victim too.

I scored well enought to earn me a place in the UM law faculty but was given Economics instead.

You mentioned about mocking the national anthem. Now I challenge you to show which part of his song that mocked the national anthem? Did u listen to it at all before making your assumption?

Answer me...or you can move on like you did in 1984.

How I wish a government that does not care about my ethnicity but did you read the local newspaper? even today? Berita Harian is talking about preserving the NEP to protect Malay special rights.

The fact is they do care about who you are.

Anonymous said...

Pit dont bother la this chauvinist only listen to himself, and everyone else is wrong. Let's move on and just get rid of all chinese school and if they are not happy , the next course of action is to get rid rid of them. How you may say, learn from Bush

Khoo Kay Peng said...

The Industrial Coordination Act is an old piece of legislation approved by the parliament in 1975 to implement bumi quota in the manufacturing industry.

At the point of inception, any manufacturing based companies with a paid capital above RM2.5 million and 75 employees are required to send in a fresh application for their investment to be approved by the government.

At the approval stage, the bumi equity of 30% will be implemented. As a result, many chinese based companies registered dozens of companies to spread out their investment so that they do have to go through a complicated and lengthy process of getting their investment approved.

The distributive trade act has a similar function for all companies after the manufacturing stage e.g. from distribution to retail.

These acts have curtailed local investments.

A number of trade associations including ACCCIM, Amcham, German Trade Association, Japan Chamber of Commerce etc. have protested against the implementation of these acts in the past especially the Distributive Trade Act.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Bumi Celup,

You are kidding ma. You know ah, if a Chinese were to spat on you...with more than 2 billion of them around you will be drown in their saliva. So stop making communal attacks la.

Your people in Jawa may not support you to get rid of us ma because your dad had betrayed his homeland.

Why are you so shy to admit that your dad was visiting your relatives there? I thought you said Indonesians were your brothers?

A true Malaysian said...

I read through all the comments above and glad that at least all of us have one extra avenue to air our opinions.

I am not quite agree with comments that Chinese schools are the root cause for disunity among the races in Malaysia. For me, the root cause is due to government policies since May 13, where even Chinese students in national school feel that they are / were unfairly treated. So, close all Chinese schools and put all races in one type of school is not the solution for disunity in Malaysia. So, a lot of Malaysian Chinese opt for Chinese school, at least their offsprings have added advantage of knowing Mandarin. We can evidence this as even Malays and Indians are sending their children to Chinese school.

As Pit said, he was a victim of government policies, and yet he is doing well in a multinational company which do not bother what race you are. Malaysian government should follow the policies of this multinational company. Pit and KKP, do you agree with me on this?

The important thing is that Malaysian government should change their mindset that treat all as Malaysian and compete as ONE people against the rest of the world. Race and religion should not mix with politics.

pit said...

not many scholarships to give away back in 1984 - "many" can be a relative term. with due respect i think a little statistics digging need to be done here. not for my benefits though.

i honestly didn't think i was a victim. i thought at that time it was just a mistake. I was probably wrong too.

some people move on without a whimper and still try to make this nation a better place, some other move on and quit the country. i'm wondering if it's because they think there's no material gain to be had.

i've had more than 100 office staff under me. and i notice that people from a certain ethnic background do actually insist they should get promoted or get a bigger raise. while another ethnic background put up hardly any demands. i'm not saying one trait is better than the other. but it really seems like there's a fundamental difference in how the different races are wired. but this is admittedly too small a sample.

it's easy to criticize others but it's not so easy to provide constructive criticism. and i'm still learning. i'm more interested in nation building agenda. but i'm sensing that this is more of a personal agenda.

i'm challenged to show which part of Wee's song mock the national anthem. to be frank, i probably had picked the wrong word in "mocking". what i should have said was i found it insulting. and so do perhaps a few (if not many more) other people. which is not good.

nevertheless as KKP suggested I really should move on. only finishing at no. 4 instead of top of the class when i graduated from a university in the UK probably means i'm not smart enough to post comments here. or perhaps i'm just too old. but i can still run 100m in sub 13 secs and play decent football too.

Have a good night all. Jangan gaduh-gaduh ok.

Khoo Kay Peng said...


I am wondering if you are really working for a multinational company. In a multinational company, most of the employees regardless of ethnicity are more demanding and aggressive.

I worked with several MNC consulting firms. It is the environment that makes them demanding and striving for promotional opportunities. Certain community does not make demand, yeah if you are looking at the public sector. I am surprised that you are using a racial lenses to look at this issue. Are you really a millionaire or a hot air working in a GLC?

Yeah, probably in your case the government made a mistake. But friend's son was not that lucky. He obtained all A1s in his SPM and did not get a JPA scholarship. If you had appealed you would have probably got a scholarship.

You are insulted. Yes, I understand your feeling. I do not think Wee should mention about morning Azan and religion which is disrespectful. I enjoyed listening to morning azan which is just behind my apartment. But his sentiments about poor governance, racism and corruption are real.

Hey, you did not get a scholarship and still can afford to study in UK. Looks like you do not deserve a scholarship.

My intention here is not to promote Chinese interests but to ensure that the poor do not get screwed by the elites. I can from the bottom pit and I know how they feel. You know what, if I can afford to send my children to overseas next time I will not allow them to apply for scholarships and deprive the needy ones.

I am old too, at 33 now. I finished better placing than you. Despite being poor I established my own company at the age of 29 and I am an accomplished badminton player.

Is that what you want to compare? Save it mate. You are merely trying to blow your own trumpet here. This kind of attitude will not win you friends.

If you want to post comments here lose your attitude and prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Dear Malaysians,

50 years down the road, we could have become a beacon of civilisation in Southeast Asia, a nation of 27 million strong leading an ASEAN of over 500 million souls to economic prosperity that rivals the West, to racial harmony that puts America to shame, to mutual respect for all religions that the middle-east so lacks and above all, to nationhood where all are equal in every aspect which most developed countries fought civil wars often intermittently between centuries in order to achieve a national identity.

Come 31st of August 2007, all Malaysians will celebrate the semicentennial of our country's indepedence from the largest empire the world has ever seen. Yet, most of us Malaysians will ponder, and may continue to do so for another 50 years, if the Malaysia we forged was the "Happy Malaysia" the founding fathers led by the Tunku had in mind.

Yet not all hope is lost. Its not too late to change our fate so that our growing middle class can enjoy a GDP per capita far greater than Botswana or Libya, which we have just overtaken in this measure. We can still steer clear of racial segregation and religious intolerence if we abandon racial profilling in government policies and instead opt for equivalents that are based on economic status. The fact that smart Malaysians are speaking their minds through blogs or otherwise indicates that there is still plenty to fight for in this country of diversity.

One the eve of our celebration, I dedicate the following paraphrased quote to Malaysia which was originally meant for Winston Churchill. "When you first meet her, you see all her faults. It takes a lifetime to appreciate her virtues." If a lifetime is what it takes than so be it!

Best wishes,
Your fellow Malaysian

1. "The Man Who" by Time Magazine 12 Apr 1963.,9171,828097-1,00.html

2. "List of countries by future GDP per capita estimates (Power Purchasing Parity)" retrieved from Wikipedia on 15 Aug 2007

Anonymous said...

See KKp dont be a racist, your attempt to differentiate the Malays into javanese malays and 'pure' malays is another attempt to create artificial segregation and division. But of course I dont expect you to spread goodwill amongst us. Even this anon 229pm is pointing towards racial profiling by govt but conveniently overlooks the racist profiling in the private sector. You accuse others (this fellow pit) of blowing his trumpet, but you are no different - too much kiasu in you. Why should chinese school be just put to pasture? - this is well evidenced by the boy's youtube antic.
To all malays whether from pure malay, jawa, bugis ,aceh, minang, petani, baweyan etc dont be swayed by this pendatang.

Anonymous said...

Its all the same with the chinese too there's the cantonese, shaghainese (the stingy one) and hokkien ( no nese for this one?) xingkeks. Likewise Indian has the caste sytem eg the brahmins as well as the regional tamil. So my fellow polynesians no worries eh - we have always been one and no mongoloids are going to split us.

Hidup Melayu! ( psst pl imagine a waving keris here)

Anonymous said...

MCA serves as a beneficiary of last resort for these haisans and gheehins. Should the communists (read daps and gerakan) fail in their extremist adventure they could chamelion under MCA cheongsam. Beware this two-headed snake, just get rid of their breeding ground aka chinese school

Anonymous said...

Looks like the jawa celup is earning his RM2,750 per month keep from UMNO after all...hehe

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Aiya Bumi Celup,

Where got the same ma? You are a Jawa celup. You claimed that I am a racist but what about you ma?

Racial profiling in the private sector? Find me a good Malay candidate who can deliver results and sales number and I will treat him like a prince.

In the private sector, it is all about performance. Only a lazy person like you is happy working as a cybertrooper earning a non-halal earning by spewing out venom.

Gosh, I am not sure if you are a good muslim. You must really ask God about this. Insaf lah!

Khoo Kay Peng said...

We are pendatang like you too ma. Remember? You used a sampan or a tongkang to get here too? So sama-sama lar.

When you want to accused someone as a racist, please look at yourself in the mirror first. Do not be a hypocrite. You can go to other blogs and intimidate the bloggers but not here mate. Not this blogger.

I will kick your racist ass. I am not that nice by the way. And I do not need to pretend like you.

Kipas Melayu said...

This is really a good piece of work from KKP, well done, you have almost include every single element of our backward-dropping nationhood.
Thank you.

Note: please don't get incited by those who never make any comment on your work, but only pure mocking, he is an AXXXXXE!

Anonymous said...

Mr Khoo,

This jawa celup got banned from Tony Pua's blog so this is the only blog he can post liberally.

Anonymous said...

kkp looks like straight talking hitting you really bad that you need to resort to name calling and vulgarities. Well mr racist I got you exposed lol!

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Bumi Celup,

You are complaining now that I call you names? Who started here with all the name calling and racist too?

You are merely tasting you own medicine. This is what Straight Talking is all about.

Pain ler? Then, do onto other as you would like others to do onto you. This is the rule of thumb.

Anonymous said...

I dont get offended from hypocrites. My only jihad is to expose lies and the hypocrites. other matters like name calling and vulgarities by these bigots are mere noise to me hahaha

Anonymous said...

Wooi Jawa celup,

hehe expose lies by telling lies yourself?

Apa lah lu, pigi balik Jawa lah.

Anonymous said...

another oink oink by this confused fellow. Pendatangs getting brave , no manners as an uninvited guest its better for you to leave, head north but dont overshoot into russia - they are too willing to get coscript labour for their siberian coal mines lol! KKP pl take care of your sty

Anonymous said...

Naik sampan pergi jawa lah, si jawa celup!

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Bumi celup, you are a thorough idiot. Russians love us, chinese malaysians, and they will welcome us.

Why? It hurts telling us that you are a pendatang too and a recent one also? My ancestors were here longer than your dad ma.

Anonymous said...

Russians love you? go then good riddance. Your ancestors are migrants miners haisan and gheehin thats all so just get lost from this Tanah Melayu. You are not called pendatang or merempat for nothing.
Hidup Melayu

Anonymous said...

oh well ... KKP why do u bother replying to this bumi celup . i really think we shouldnt bring ourself so low to argue with them . cause like what u say .. i am pretty sure they're on a government paycheck and just surfing the net while the Q at their service counter reaches the door.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Thanks anon 1:58pm. This bugger thinks I cannot trace who he is. He is now wondering how I know he is a celup.

I want to send a message to his kind that we have our means to trace them down too. The more he posts messages on my blog the more votes will be lost for his employers.

They should know by now that there hired fools who cannot muster a civilised rebuttal on any issues but resort to racist statements.

This is UMNO for you.

So folks, you know what to do this coming GE.

Let him come, he is digging his own grave and the graves of his masters.

Anonymous said...

UMNO has a plan, and one thong for sure we dont want pig's vote, including KuKuPigg and the pigglets hahaha

A true Malaysian said...

Dear KKP and Pit,

I believe we are all 'victims' or 'products', whatever you categorized yourself of the Gahmen's policies. In fact, I can see that Pit are unhappy with the policies, or else, he wont be an US citizen now, right?

Since young, we are all differentiated by race. Thus, it is very hard for us not to be racist. Thus, I believe we should do our part in correction of this area. We were all pendatang and Malaysia belongs to all of us, not only the so-called bumiputra or pribumi. What is so proud being a bumiputra or pribumi if our thinking are not in coherent with the rest of the world?

Anonymous said...

Looks like this pigglet by his own admission , is a racist. You dont need to be so, if you admit that you are just pendatang and this is Bumi land that you are squatting on, period. Reality may hurt, but thats what straight talking is all about