Thursday, August 09, 2007

Namewee and Patriotism

Malaysian student Namewee or Wee Meng Chee's latest parody of the national anthem has been severely criticised by politicians. Wee has come under fire for mocking the national anthem and making statements many found offensive because they contained racial slurs.

Wee, a 24-year-old mass communications student at Ming Chuan University in Taiwan, has insisted that he is patriotic. “I wrote the song in conjunction with the country’s 50th anniversary of independence and it is my gift to the country,” the Johorean said.

Deputy Internal Security Minister Johari Baharum said police would investigate the rap video while MCA Youth chief Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said Wee had insulted the national anthem.

I have seen the video found on and did not find any evidence that Wee had insulted the national anthem. In fact, Wee was trying to drive us a point. If we are patriotic citizens of the country then we should work hard to eradicate corruption, racism, nepotism and all other ills.

The tune of national anthem sets a background of our collective responsibility to our beloved country.

I am surprised that Liow said that Wee had insulted the national anthem. Liow should instead demand that UMNO takes action against their own delegates who had made seditious, violent and racist remarks and gestures at the party's annual assembly last year.

Wee speaks the truth and it is the truth that hurts people like Johari Baharum and Liow Tiong Lai.


Anonymous said...

Ask Liow, if he can give us a very good answer on the below questions..if he can answer a right things for us.

1. 其他源流小學何時才能受到公平對待?由國家全津?

2. 績效制?何時才會透明化?
答: 由國陣內部協商,不能給予答覆.(跟他講那投票給馬華有什麼用)

3. 國會成為一言堂!看不到馬華議員發出正義之言,糾正錯誤的言行.
答: 由國陣內部協商,不能給予答覆.(沒有公理正義)

3. 州議會成為一言堂! 看不到馬華議員發出正義之言,糾正錯誤的言行.
答: 由國陣內部協商,不能給予答覆.(沒有公理正義)

4. 議員出席會議率及在國會發言之次數.
答: 有很多.(請其出示其出席會議記錄及發言記錄)

presa1200 said...

Kay Peng,





Anonymous said...

The truth is this boy wants to stay in his homeland - he vely clever

Anonymous said...

1. I find the song entertaining and not in any conceivable way insulting the King, the government, the national anthem, the country, its people or even the police.

2. Politicians should back off this one because it leaves a bad taste in the mouths of Malaysian not unlike its previous anti-Eurasian stand

3. I think Mr. Liow couldn't even comprehend let alone bother with the questions posed above. Attacking a university student is not only easier but he gets more media attention as well. I bet he thought it was less controversial as well! Lets prove him wrong.

University student

Anonymous said...

aiyaa you are migrants.. so how can you have the feelings of hurt!

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Yes Melayu Raya,

You are a migrant too. But unlike other human beings, you don't have any feeling at all.

I called you a fool, a racist, and an idiot but you are still very happy.

Good for you ma...

You make me feel damn happy because I can insult your intelligence.

Anonymous said...

It is not my style to hurl insults and my religion forbids me to do it. And I dont take offence from yella dogs and pigs like you, after all they are just animals. Ahah..I am sure you'll now rebut by saying dogs and pigs have feelings too?

Khoo Kay Peng said...

No lah, Bumi Celup Jawa. The dogs and pigs are a notch better than you. You are now exposed not only as a fake bumi but also a fake muslim.

You said your religion doesn't allow you to hurl insults, but you are insulting some animals that have better intelligence and a higher EQ compared to you.

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Anonymous said...

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Khoo Kay Peng said...

Bumi Celup,

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Eh, you really forgot your roots huh? I thought you were calling someone opposite the Malacca Straits your brothers.

Kita sama-sama balik kampung dong? Why so ashamed to be associated with your rumpun polynesian?

Anonymous said...

No prob man they are my brothers

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Of course they are your brothers. At last you are willing to admit your roots.


Anonymous said...

Never deny and never will :) but I am not 'pure' malay and regretably neither my father from java, I cant change that. But you pl admit that you are just a pendatang, and so behave yourself or I'll get MCA to apologise to us

Khoo Kay Peng said...


Out from the horse's mouth: Read "I am not pure Malay..."

There, his is unmasked and still wants to deny that he is a pendatang.

A black eye for you huh, Bumi Celup?

Anonymous said...

you forgot the inverted comma, another lie exposed - continue to spin lies and you'll be hung by your own rope

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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chansey said...

Are you Jawi, Cina, Melayu, India, Bugis?

Or are you MALAYSIAN?

God gave us different skin colors so we know who's who, not so we know who's stupid or evil.

Khay Peng, leave the issue as it is - you aren't proving anything to this guy. Say any more and you prove that you're no better than him.

chansey said...

sorry, got your name wrong. darn keyboard.

Khoo Kay Peng said...


I do not need to prove anything to anybody. These cybertroopers or cyberscumbs are paid to post racist and brainless statements on our weblog and we do not have the luxury of time to edit them.

What I intended to do is to unmask him and to prove that his employers are taking an action that will back fire on them.

My thoughts and deeds are more important to many people than the method I used to handle these cybertroopers. It will not be a yardstick of who I am and what I am worth. So, I am not too concerned of what you are going to think of me.

Said enough. Move on. The main point is they can intimidate other bloggers but not me, not Straight Talk.

Anonymous said...

KuKupigg's ego growing too big even to his fellow pigglets. This is the kind of person who boycots Malay restaurant call names on Malays by calling them UMNOPutra or attempt to segregate the Malays by calling Jawa celup etc and claims he is not racist. This fool is exposed of his true self - his hatred of Malays but camouflaged under UMNOPutra guise or NEP abuse when there is none or too minor to bother that cannot be rectified easily.