Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Power Arrogance

Folks, you and I have witnessed what absolute power can do to all of us. It can cause us irreparable social, economic and moral damage. What we are experiencing in Malaysia is an odd situation.

Through our polarised form of ethno-religious politics, the society is distinctively divided according to racial and religious lines. Unfortunately, these politicians are able to use the democratic process to regain legitimacy to rule and misrule.

It is odd that many us, although expressed our concerns, are not able to change this situation through our own prejudices and misconception that we need political stability regardless of the abuse and corruption.

Any political party or politicians holding on to power for such a long time will not govern by law but will dominate by law. Hence, the Seditious Act, ISA and other draconian laws are used at the whims and fancies of these politicians to suppress democracy.

It is a wake up call, folks. We must work together to weaken a certain party which is so dominant that they begin to think that they are laws and order.

Do it now before it is too late!

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