Thursday, August 16, 2007

Unmasking a Fool

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Anonymous said...

haha always knew this jawa celup melayu raya fella was a fake and big-time liar.

And I thought his religious beliefs taught him that lying is a sin?

Typical hypocrite and a racist to boot!

Anonymous said...

learn to listen not just to your own voice, stupid piglet!

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Ah Bumi Celup, I thought you have been listening to your own disgusting voice only which happened to sound like a pig?

Angry that you have been unmasked? Relax ma.

Go buy a Mawi album.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaa xingkek you come as uninvited pendatang what unmasked are you talking about. Its you that have been unmasked, big talk of malaysiaa malaysia yukk but behind the mongoloid haisan race is a hypocritical chinese chauvinist. so what happens to your little piglet from taiwan hah KKP aka KuKu Pig . Nazri any way to round up all this pigs , too many of them running around oinking hahaha

Anonymous said...

Jawa celup,

Take nazri along with you when you paddle your sampan back to jawa.


Anonymous said...

Aiyaa... KuKuPig pl tell your piglet that nazri and I flies at least twice to Jakarta. We hv also been together to Hongkong when he was not yet a minister. He's a good MCKK boy unlike RPK who was a bit strayed by his celup heritage and worrying that his children is half tongsan. We told him and his kind not to worry and and not to listen to the piglets (read xingkek migrant in malaysia) his children will be accepted as Melayu.
So my next revelation will elaborate on the type of chinese that we have here and in the world. Pl beg from me for the revelation

Anonymous said...

Of course you go to jakarta mah, you are celup from there.

I suggest you move there permanently - good for the country and good for you.

Anonymous said...

But you remain pendatang piglets lol!

Anonymous said...

But your father only came one generation ago so you are more pendatang than me.

So jawa celup pack up and move back to jakarta since you like it there so much.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Bumi celup,

You and Nazri are good buddies ar? Not good ma, no wonder you speak like him. A mirror image.

Aiyo, now you are trying to fight for your own kind? A celup like cannot be compared to RPK. He got principles man. You got no brain. Not even yellow ones.

I heard your dad has a second wife in Indonesia. Do you call her mom, momma or bu...?

Anonymous said...
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