Monday, September 03, 2007

The Cost of Racial Politics: Billions of Ringgit, 20 Deaths and Counting

The National Service programme was introduced in 2004 with the main objective of enhancing inter-ethnic relations amongst our youths.

It was made mandatory by a cabinet decision on the same year and a National Service Act was approved by the parliament. Those who refused to attend the 3-month program can be charged in courts.

After committing so much resources to the programme (almost RM500 million a year), I am NOT so sure if the programme is successful in bridging our social gap.

In contrast, we do not have to spend any money if we can do away with racial politics and race-based political parties. It is first class hypocrisy to watch politicians shouting 'national unity' but blindly championing their communal rights (and a tasteless display of keris) as well.

How much more do we have to pay for their hypocrisy? Billions of ringgit more and hundreds more lives? Until when do we need to play their scapegoats?

Photo:Mohd Rafi Ameer, the latest victim who lost his life to national service. RIP.


Anonymous said...

KKP, I think you made typo mistake for "I am so sure if the programme is successful in bridging our social gap". I suppose you want to write "I am NOT sure......."

Anonymous said...

wonder why the minister's children never get inducted into these camps ?

Anonymous said...

RM500 million in the annual expenditure for this national service. Given the facts of the case stated in the Auditor General's report, perhaps, there should be transparency and accountability on how this amount had been spent on an itemised basis. Who are the contractors supplying the food and whether cronies involved that link to the corridors of power. But lastly, spending RM500 million to forge national unity is an international joke, no where else practised in the world. Not for any success, anyway. But the spinning goes on to fabricate its success just to justify the money spent. Somewhere somehow, somebody laughing all the way to the bank.