Monday, September 03, 2007

Forum: Why Are You Upset With UMNO?

For the next 3 days, I am running a forum here on the reason you are upset with UMNO. I hope to gather some of your views here which will form my next analysis.

Please share your thoughts.


koolgeek said...

Cuz they refuse to do away with the NEP that has been the MOTHER OF ALL SCREW UPS in Malaysia now.

Man In Helmet said...

I think they are a bunch of hypocrites. I am sure they are a few good ones out there but they nearly extinct. UMNO say they are against corruption, racsim, and for justice. Their actions are just the opposite.

Anonymous said...

1) Promoting Racial Politics
2) Promoting people like one of
your strong critics in your
blog. (The one which you didnt
invite him to comment)
3) Tolerating people like "close
one eye" and bocor friends.
4) Does not debate intellectually
but rather based on "racial"
and then threats.
5) Putting up the not so qualified
Minister who knows nothing but
calling names only.
6) NATO - Talk and talk and talk
but no action.
7) The list can go on and on. It
is never endless.

Anonymous said...

Because umno people fight for ketuanan melayu. to them the rests are one level below them. they also like to bath their keris with chinese blood, is that enough for you?

disillusioned said...

1)they are a bunch of self serving greedy rent seekers whose appetite for coruption,slander, racism, violence and thugery knows no bound, except for Zaid Ibrahim whom I respect.
2)their MPs and cabinet ministers, right up to the PM and speaker of Parliament performs poorly in their quality of debate and circumvent the Constitution iso safeguarding it.
3) they are a bunch of dinosaurs that still believe in the NEP and have no qualms about the country sliding down the economy scale. In fact, it scares me that they are still actively destroying the country thru their words, deeds and policies.
Pls note that it is only the UMNO putras who are a pain in the neck. The Malays as a race are generally friendly, kind and sincere.
UMNO, pls grow up demi Negara, Bangsa dan Ugama.

KCC said...

Politics is the means to power. Power is then used to pursue agenda that benefits (hopefully) the people. In the case of UMNO, they have found that this power can be very profitable for selected individuals. In other words, power corrupts. And that is why I am upset with UMNO for being corrupt.

Anonymous said...

and i blame the MCA for being such a servant to UMNO!! where is the rights of the chinese that they are suppose to protect? i'm sure more and more chinese will vote Opposition this time, just to make sure UMNO dont win everything!