Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lost Hope in the Country?

I had lunch with a friend today. He told me about our common friend who has decided to migrate to another European country because he does not think there is hope in the country.

This friend of mine, a smart and decent chap, is a partner in a legal firm. He shared the same sentiment and told me that he had voted for PAS even.

The other day, at a scholars' reunion dinner, a few friends who sat on the same table with me told me similar sentiment. Some of them are already based abroad and they have committed to come back to vote for the opposition in the next general elections.

At a conference, a number of businessmen shared with me their pessimism.

I believe it is time for us, Malaysians, to take a long, deep and broad reflection of the country's future and direction.

Can we change the current reality or should we abandon ship?


koolgeek said...

If these ppl can bear the suffering and risk losing everything to the chaos that is required to muster a change, then stay.

Otherwise, for the sake of their loved ones, they have tough choices to make. It's not always easier and greener out there.

Msia is still and will always be home.

Anonymous said...

UMNO clowns would be happy to have less of light minded Malaysians to move out of the country.

and how silly is the party that you belong still 'sleep' with the enemy of all Malaysian -> UMNO

Anonymous said...

Time to change harbours, there must be some place we can go to