Friday, October 19, 2007

Single Track Mindset

Ask the Minister of Youth and Sports on how to reduce the number of Mat Rempits, she (Azalina Othman) said 'build more race tracks'.

“Proper tracks can also help reduce the number of Mat Rempit on the streets,” she said at the inaugural launch of the Asian International Motorcycle Expo 2007 at KL Convention Centre here yesterday.

Does she understand the mindset of Mat Rempits? Many of them get a thrill from committing crime and breaking rules. It is not about motor sports. I am surprised how a minister of youth and sports can be so simplistic in her mindset.


agnos said...

i beg to differ with your observations KP about her being simplistic.

I think she is already looking at the cash register numbers going up by the mention of build more race tracks.

we just need to read the High Performance Training Centre in Brickendonbury by citizen nades on spending "more" money on sports and such!

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Ah, there you go..but I must admit that I do not have a corrupt mind to read her that far.

So, I am sure some ppl will be happy and as a result we will create more Mat Rempits.

YY said...

Ha, does that mean we have to legalize drugs in order to curb the problem with arising number of addicts???