Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nation Crime Alert System

I am sick and tired of reading and watching criminal reports in the newspapers and TV news. It is time we do something to stop these crooks from ruining our public safety.

Dora's case is a prime example. The crooks simply become more daring and are capable of committing crimes even in bright day light. Surely we can do something about this and I would like to thank those who are already doing something about it.

Let us not fail this young lady and let us not be angry over and over again but failed to turn our anger into something tangible.

I would like to propose we set up a national crime alert system to help people facing similar situation. Afterall, the Internet network and other telecommunications channels should be put into productive use. We, bloggers, are not only good at spreading lies (as alleged by some politicians) but we are capable of playing our role as a responsible citizen.

I want to hear your respond on the setting up of this crime alert system.


koolgeek said...

Just tell me how I can be of help.

Lets go for it.

One idea is to get telco's collaboration to enroll willing subscribers to a genuine mass sms alert.

In Dora's case, some posted on the internet urging people to stop spreading the hoax; that it is just another trick by operators to earn money.

We can start by tackling this.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Dora's case is not a hoax. I have confirmed with both the witness and Star's news desk that a report has been made at the Shah Alam police station.

It is REAL!

Please help to spread the news.

wilson said...

Hye Khoo...greeting and kudos for your effort in helping by spreading through internet. I received the email and note through Facebook( Weird right?) and tell you frankly..i don't even trust it because too many of this type of hoax happening nowadays. Last i time i used to get it through my mobile and when i believe it, it turn out to be hoax. so cant blame every1 for being ignorance.

on your suggestion on setting up a nation crime alert system.. it is indeed a good suggestion. for my point of view, i think the important people that need to help is the telco and the police.. But the public must not know that police was helping because there are some crazy,lunatic,brainlees ppl who commit crime does not scared of killing the hostages( assuming we are talkin about the kidnap-type of case).
The telco companny could be the one who mass spread the sms or mms or push email to their respective client and provide a hotline number for their client to call and verify.

What do you think?
~no hard feeling people, just droppin my opinion~

p/s: im sorry bout wat happent o dora and didnt help out...=(

idot60 said...

i would not mind paying higher prices for tol or petrol if this is what it takes to setup this alert system. i hope this is one way to ensure taxpayer's money is properly used

The Man said...

Hi Khoo,

i felt the same, i've put up some opinions on my blog, you can give it a read, and probably we can discuss something out of it

link included for you:

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Dear All,

Thanks for your concern. I am sure something positive can be done through our effort. I think this is something we seriously need.

I am travelling at the moment and posting is not very convenient. Nonetheless, we should explore the possibility.

The Man, thanks...checking now