Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Passing the Buck

At a friend's deepavali open house I started a chat with a politician from a Chinese based party. Inevitably we spoke about the forthcoming general elections and the people's sentiments. He told me that those who are unhappy represent only a small minority. Most of the people, he reckoned, are generally satisfied with the present government.

I do not refute his assumption. He might be right that the noises are mainly coming from those who speak the loudest (or most outspoken). Not happy with his observation, I asked if there is nothing wrong with the present system. Is the current political model viable for his party?

His answer is 'no', can be better and for things to change the most dominant party in the coalition must change first. I remembered speaking to some people about almost the same thing - the NEP. Their replies were almost identical. The other community must change first.

I reckon that if you cannot persuade the others to change, the change must start from yourself. Otherwise, the buck must stop somewhere.

I told him the racial political model will make his party irrelevant regardless. And his party must relook at the entire partnership if the other dominant partner does not want to play fair. It would be foolish cajoling for votes if the support given cannot be translated into mandate for a change.

We want a CHANGE.


Anonymous said...

Read in the paper today the indians want compensation from the brits, so can this be the answer for us too?

Anonymous said...

I am firmly convinced that any fundamental change for the better will require a collapse or implosion of the Malaysian economy before it happens.

Anonymous said...

Hard luck ma we came here without any prodding. Maybe our countrymen in australia or USA have good reason ,especially the way they were treated

Anonymous said...

U guys are very unhappy with NEP, but it is the only way for us,BUmiputers to get any foothold in the economy, Im sure u all are aware that, ALL the supply chain are controlled by one single race, however the govt twist it, that one single race controlling the economy still gets its share of the cake.What are you so unhappy about? us Malays are also not very happy with only chinese controlling the economy. I give u one example, even govt give BUMI company contract, our suppliers are ALL or majority chinese. very hard to find bumi partners. Why? u know the answer rite? Just look around la, who are the ones driving big cars or the foreign brand like toyota n honda? Majority is the Chinese. U think we are happy?

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Dear Anon 5:24pm,

It is not true that all supply chains are dominated by the chinese. Just look at the oil & gas, commodities and several other heavy industries, the supply chains are controlled by GLCs or huge local companies with substantial bumiputra ownership.

What made you think that the Chinese controlled all supply chains are actually Chinese controlled SMEs which are everywhere around you. Many of them have chosen to buy from abroad anyway.

Whatever car a person drives is not a clear measurement of his wealth. Chinese people have a bad habit - show off. Many businessmen drive big cars too to mask the size of their business. This is our bad habit.

Then again, I am sure you agree that UMNO has a total and dominant political control in the country. This comes with the ability to mobilise wealth and resources. Why aren't Malays taught and nurtured to do better in biz and other professional fields? Is it because these politicians want to hold you by your neck and make you a rent seeking community? It is time to break free.

You are human being too and you are as capable as others. Even with the political clout you have and you still complain about other community who have to work very hard for what they have today, then I think it is embarassing for me to read your feedback on my blog

Anonymous said...

There's no need to be cynical with such phrse 'you are human too....'. So long as you have this kind of prejudice we can never accept you in our society

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Dear Anon,

What kind of prejudice do you mean here? I would like to know about your prejudices too. I sense a lot of them from your previous post.

By they way, this society does not belonged to you alone. I am sorry to say you should shed your own prejudices first.