Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Truth Cannot Be Hidden

With the advent of the internet, the world's most repressive regimes are finding it very difficult to conceal their wrongdoings. The internet phenomena has truly altered the way people access news and critical information.

In fact, at a conference recently a presenter from Singapore Straits Times presented its new online portal, Stomp.com.sg. The online portal encourages readers to turn citizen journalists and submit their content, audio and video files to the website. The fact is online news websites have beaten the traditional media to the news.

At the recent Bersih demonstration, I am amazed to find out so many fresh information on what really happened at the demo. Any government of the day must realise fast that it can no longer conceal the truth. With a simple handphone with video recording capability and a camera, citizens are narrating events as they see them. These online reporters are slowly gaining credibility too.

I am hopeful that more stories and events can be told without prejudices and fear. We need to tell the truth. The people deserved to know the truth. And when you narrate your events, please remember that you represent all Malaysians.

We need not fear speaking out for our brothers and sisters of other communities. This way, we are heading towards real unity.


Josh said...

Why no posting on the Yellow Revolution or the 40k Rally?
This isn't like you.
Did someone give you a gag order?

Khoo Kay Peng said...


The cow did come home. But it did not just come back. It came back charging with its horns.

I do not need to repeat what thousands of people are already doing on the internet.

My advice to the government is to mind its action. The world is watching.

Josh said...

I am just glad there are good sound and mature people like you working in Gerakan. I guess you approach it in a different manner. Well done.