Friday, December 07, 2007

Credible Protests

I have refrained myself from making a comment on the recent Hindraf demonstration. Both the government and Hindraf deserved to be criticised for their respective action and response.

First, I believe all sensible Malaysians agree the communal politics we practice in Malaysia is reaching a serious bottleneck. From here, there can be potentially two outcomes. One, our people and the politicians can come to a concensus to end racial politics and embark on a true nation building effort to strengthen the concept of a Malaysian identity. Or two, we continue with the divergence path we are now taking.

Racial protests will lead to more racial protests. Perhaps towards ultimate and destructive racial clashes? We have somewhat forgotten the purpose of our struggle. We aim to dismantle racial politics and policies in this country. It cannot be achieved through emotional chest thumping although grouses of various communities are real.

Protestors NEED to be CREDIBLE. Only through credible activism that we can educate the people of our messages and purpose. Hindraf supporters' sentiments are real and should be taken into serious consideration. However, its leaders should not sensationalise its demands and claims.

Both during internal meetings and here, I have maintained my call for the government to open up a conduit for people to channel their frustrations and needs. Hence, I was critical of the government, especially deputy whip Nazri Aziz, on its decision to haul up MP Devamany for voicing out his concern in the parliament.

Khairy's call for the government not to meet up with Hindraf leaders will not resolve this issue. By refusing to meet these leaders, it will not take support away from them and it does not make the government look any better.

It is fundamental for all parties to realise that RACIAL POLITICS is damaging and we are facing a real bottleneck soon. I echo Suaram's call to end racial discrimination and the New Economic Policy (NEP) in Malaysia, saying it has served only to enrich the privileged few. (

It is WRONG to link Malay supremacism to NEP and to UMNO. This is not an age of racial supremacism. It should have ended when Nazi and Hitler was defeated in Germany and when apartheid was ended in South Africa.


Anonymous said...

UMNO is a nationalist party but with a big heart (regretably) agreed to the awarding of citizenship to the immigrants. NEP is an instrument to distribute wealth in an equitable manner,but with too many shortfalls in in its principle( why 30% and not 80%?)and poor implementation ( further enriching the chinese as evidenced by the long list of filthy and dirty billionaires)

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Correct, UMNO has a big heart. That is why some of its cronies are generously rewarded even if they failed in their business. What about generous privatisaion contracts? Maybe you have benefited greatly from them too.

Yes, take all if you wish and pay back your sin when you see the maker for He does not differentiate by colour.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I don't benefit except given a headstart in education, through awareness but earned purely on merit. But pl see the overall picture and take all interests in perspective. Don't be too biased.