Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Price of Uncontrolled Development

When I last spoke to an elderly statesman, he expressed his disappointment over the state of Gurney Drive. This is a price of uncontrolled development. The land reclaimation project around Tanjung Tokong has obviously affected the flow of tide to Gurney.

Can someone make the smell go away? A wild life sanctuary it is not, more like an open toilet bowl.

A visitor giving a thumb's down to the muddy front. I am sure many more residents around the area will be giving the same thumb down sign if nothing is being done in earnest.
On the debate of whether Penangites should support more development or a sustainable lifestyle, I am sure what we wanted is responsible development which protects the environment.

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Anonymous said...

i have blogged about this since November 2007

it is sad that ADUN for Gurney Drive area turned a blind eye on this matter