Monday, January 28, 2008

Changing Mindset

There is some truths in UMNO Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin's statement that the opposition had failed "to come up with ideas which reflect their credibility to be an alternative to the BN government."

Since memorial the opposition parties have relied on issues and faults made by the BN to win seats. It shows that even the oppositions are not convinced they could become the next ruling government. Their campaign tagline merely focused on denying the BN a two-third majority. In the end, the oppositions actually complemented the BN quite well. They are needed to play a role in the democratic process of electing a government.

The opposition parties, often unprepared and lacked of talents and ideas, are happy enough to carve an existence in the political landscape of this country.

Until and unless the oppositions can pull up their socks and work out a longer term collaboration to establish a coalition or an alternative front to take on the BN, the latter will be in power despite all the faults and bad policies it made.

Voters in this elections must be convinced to go beyond skin deep. They must be moved to choose good governance, nation building, rule of law, accountability and exemplary leadership instead of communal concerns.

I support a two-party system if we can manage to forge one. It takes a serious change of mindset. Since we have chosen to live, work and play together as a society, we should be able to set aside our communal differences.


Anonymous said...

Kay Peng,

Are you saying that the opposition is crap and we have to make do with BN even with all their bad policies?

Do you mean that we don't have any good people (from 26 million strong) at all? What happened to all of them? Apparently S'pore from their 3 million can find good people year in year out.

How in the world did we end up in such a state?

BN doesn't look they are going to lose power for the next 50 years.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Hi Anon,

Yes, our opposition is weak and fragmented? Does any of them looks like ready to govern? If they cannot form an alternative coliation, it will be difficult to match the BN.

We have a lot of good people. But many are not willing to commit into opposition politics. Singapore opposition parties are facing similar talent shortage.

How we ended up this way? Apathy.

Yes. At the rate and direction we are moving BN will remain in power for the next 50 yrs and many ppl want to be with winners.

agnos said...

hi kp,

i think bringing up issues and faults of the BN government is one way to educate and inform the general populace of the current system weaknesses.

if the opposition dont expose it most people wont know becos not everyone have the time and know how on how to dig those kind of information.

i dont think this constitute a lack of conviction from the opposition that they are not able to form the next government.

PKR has their Malaysia Economic Agenda which I think is a good start. This give them a vision to work from if they are to run the country.

But the lingering question remain on whether the opposition individually or collectively have enough quality candidates to be fielded one on one against BN.

if we talk about talents and ideas - we dont see any in the current BN setup either. Those dude exist in their position becos of patronage and becos the existing system which shielded their incompetencies.

so talents and ideas is not something the opposition is lacking rather it is a fair and transparent playing field which is lacking.

going one on one - between AI and AB - I will choose AI - despite his fault.

between Najib and Din Merican - I will choose Din and even your good self if you are to stand for election. (as a technocrat and not a life long politician)

maybe I have over simplify things but right now i dont see any worthy ideas or vision coming out from any of the existing BN leader except the same old bulls which is getting more outrageous by the moment.

QuietPotato said...

For once you are talking sense, the opposition has no forward thinking agenda. The present government may have its fault but its a devil that we know. But there is no need to set aside communal differences either , just recognise the diference and work out a deal in an everchanging society.

Khoo Kay Peng said...


What kind of deal you are suggesting? Care to enlighten us?