Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Chua's Fall from Grace

I was asked by a prominent writer and political analyst about the upcoming leaders to watch in MCA. Chua Soi Lek was one of them. He is known to be a serious but competent leader who has a large following in the MCA.

Several days ago, an unexpected event happened. A senior politician from Johor was first identified to be involved in a sex video circulated in Johor, Seremban and Malacca. Yesterday, at a press conference, Health Minister Dr Chua Soi Lek has admitted that he is the politician shown in the sex DVD that is being circulated in Johor. He said the woman seen in the DVD was a personal friend.

He has since apologised to his family, the party and his supporters. I am not too sure if our conservative political environment, where religion is highly politicised, will be able to accommodate and embrace Dr Chua from his fall from grace.

Furthermore, Johor is the heartland of UMNO. No matter how generous and forgiving the PM is, he will be facing serious questioning from the opposition PAS if he allows Dr Chua to remain in his ministerial position. Dr Chua should expect that irreparable damages have been done to his political reputation.

He said, “Of course, as a responsible citizen I will assist in the police investigations. It is a crime to intrude into people’s privacy or into a person’s room,” he said. It is also a morality crime to sleep with another woman apart from his wife. Is he a responsible citizen? We are entitled to our own judgement on this claim.

Of course, his division leader claims political conspiracy against him. Dr Chua Soi Lek was stabbed from behind by certain parties who want to destroy the leader politically, said Labis MCA division chairman Tan Kok Hong. He urged MCA to act against those involved in the production and distribution of the DVDs. (Funny, is he suggesting an insider job when he asked the party to take action against the framers?)

Tan said the division would support Dr Chua to contest for the Labis parliamentary seat in the next general election despite the DVD issue. Tan should understand that it is not for his division to decide and they will sheepishly accept whatever decision made by the BN supreme council. BN interest will override Dr Chua's and the coalition is heading towards a testing time.

“We want the party and the authorities to investigate who is behind the distribution (of the DVD) as it is a dirty move for anyone to intrude into one’s personal life. If it can happen to Dr Chua, it can happen to everyone,” he said.

It should not have happened if Dr Chua is as highly experienced as claimed. If his keeps his pants zipped up, no conspiracy could have brought him down.

He should not blame others but himself.
Picture courtesy of The Star.


koolgeek said...

Msian politic is really sick!

Why don't we focus on power abuse and corruption cases such as that of Zakaria's and Klang port scandal?

Dr Chua's sex life bears no impact on the life of citizen on the street.

Grow up already!

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Dear Koolgeek,

Yes, I agree we should also demand the same accountability on leaders who are suspected or guilty of corruption. Corruption and power abuse is worse than the sex scandal but this society is good as sensationalising issues.

Perhaps we need to learn to be more civic conscious.