Monday, January 07, 2008

Nallakarupan - The Next Wee Choo Keong?

Reported in, Nallakarupan, who helms the fledgling Malaysian Indian United Party (MIUP), challenged Anwar to reveal what he did for the Indian community when he was deputy premier and finance minister.

Taking a similar step like Wee Choo Keong, who established the Malaysia Democratic Party, after falling out with his party boss, Nallakarupan has thrown his new party's support behind the BN. The idiom, "there is no permanent enemy or friend in politics", seems to apply here. Nallakarupan was badly treated in the Anwar saga and suffered personal humiliation as well.

Now all these sufferings are forgotten. However, like many political pundits, I can't help to ask what is the political purpose of MIUP. Was it set up to run down and get even with Anwar or to provide better representation to the Indian community.

The second objective looks very dim if Nallakarupan insists on doing it within the BN. Samy has claimed an exclusive right to this domain since the establishment of IPF in trying to do same.

By accusing Anwar, what is Nallakarupan hoping to achieve for the Indian community?

He should focus on answering the second question and work out something rational and inspirational to end racial politics in Malaysia. This way, the needs of all communities especially those at the lower strata of the society will be taken care of minus the racial polemics.


Anonymous said...

That`s a good observation.
Nalla should not forget that he too has a past that many are aware of, and it will bite him very badly if he continues the way he does.

Anonymous said...

Nallakarupan aka Good Black Dog, is no saint himself.

He is a party hopper, first in MIC, then he screwed MIC and ran to PKR, then he screwed PKR and ran to MUIP.

Before Nalla asks what Anwar has done for Indians he should ask what he did for Indians while he was in MIC. If Indians were marginalised for the past 50 years then Nallakarupan also has to answer bcos he was part of MIC sometime the last 50 years also.

Nallakarupan did you question Samy Vellu then? Why didnt u ask Anwar what he had done for Indians while you were his tennis/squash partner ?

Why only now Nalla.... sore bcos u didnt get to stand in Ijok?

You are a bloody traitor

Anonymous said...

I was surprised that you, as a corporate consultant and “an independent” political analyst, got your facts so very wrong in your analysis. I do not wish to write so much but write I must in order to give you some hard facts of event happened some 10 years ago, which you may not be aware of or have forgotten.

First and foremost, in July 1998 I was sacked from the DAP for just alluding to certain facts of NEPOTISM AND CRONYISM WITHIN THE DAP at one single meeting in Malacca. This was the “heinous crime" I have committed in the DAP after 13 dedicated years.


For your information in July 1998, a kangaroo Disciplinary Committee (DC) was set up with Lim Kit Siang's loyalists (the late Mr Peter Paul Dason, Mr Chong Quek Thiam (chairman), Mr K C Cheah and Mr Low Choo.)

On 10-07-1998 (three days before the hearing of the DC), we ( Mr Fung Ket Wing, former MP for Snadakan and former DAP National Treasurer, Liew Ah Kim, the former MP for Seputeh and former DAP National Vice-chairman and I) served a letter on the DC which contained five reasonable requests but the DC arbitrarily dismissed all our requests, which are basic principles of natural justice.

The five requests were as follows:

1. That we be given the basic right to produce witnesses to support our contentions that the four members of the DC namely the late Mr Peter Paul Dason, Mr Chong Quek Thiam, Mr K C Cheah and Mr Low Choo were Lim Kit Siang’s loyalists and therefore, bias against us;

2. That three days notice for the hearing was most unreasonable and that more time be given to us to prepare our defence to the ambiguous charge;

3. That the charge (made irresponsible speeches and prejudicial to the party, which cause disaffection to Party leadership) against us were too general, vague and ambiguous, therefore, we should be served with specific charge so that we can answer them accordingly;

4. That our basic right to cross-examination can only be exercised provided we were allowed to be present during the examination witnesses by the DC; and

5. That Liew Ah Kim and Fung Ket Wing be accorded the right to appoint counsels of their choice for the hearing.

During the DC hearing on 12-07-1998, when three of us objected to the composition of the DC that its members were bias, the DC chairman, Mr Chong Quek Thiam said that “I do no care two hoots whether it is fair or not, we have a job to do”. This was widely reported in the newspapers. The DC did their brilliant job and I was sacked by the DC.

Under above circumstances, many DAP leaders and members throughout the nation resigned from the DAP under protest. At that time, the then Parti Keadilan’s Vice-President, Dr Chandra Muzafar announced in the press that there was a blanket banned on former DAP leaders and members joining Keadilan by virtue of the fact that they were former members of DAP.

We, as active politicians, and other former DAP leaders and members, had no alternative but to organize ourselves so that we will not be deprived of the right to play a political role in the country. The former DAP leaders, members and members of public took more than a year of hard work to form the Malaysians Democratic Party (MDP). MDP was finally registered in October 1999.

Falling out with political boss or victim of injustice due to nepotism and cronyism?

Thank you.

Wee Choo Keong
Secretary-General of MDP

P/s If you need more detailed facts, please forward your e-mail address to me at and I shall forward all the press statements issued when my friends and I were facing the injustice and political manipulations of the worse kind.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Dear Mr Wee,

Thanks for your reply. Rightly, as an independent political analyst, I do not want to dwell into the episod which led you to make certain critical speeches against your former colleagues in DAP.

It is not my interest deliberate at length on the Mbf saga which led to a fallout between you and the leadership. Many politicians out of favour normally alleged nepotism and cronyism. Many of them were beneficiaries too in the first place.

I am sure you were at one point treated as a rising star in the DAP and given the Bukit Bintang seat which was a crown jewel of the party.

However, I stand by my post based on two reasons: MDP was established after a fall-out with your former colleagues and leaders in DAP. Second, under your leadership MDP was very critical of the DAP especially Lim Kit Siang. I am not very clear of your political struggle even until today.

On these two reasons, I argue that the MIUP may be a reenactment of the MDP.

Anonymous said...

From: Wee Choo Keong
To : Mr Khoo Kay Peng

Dear Mr Khoo,

I had no knowledge of your blog until I was alerted by a friend that you have made reference to me in this article of yours. Please be assured that I have no desire to respond to your blog if you did not made that reference to me.

First and foremost, although I have been alerted by someone that you are part of the think tank of Gerakan Party, I do not wish to probe into your independence for I strongly believe that it is your absolute right to reveal or hide your affiliation.

My earlier respond to your reference to me was strictly to show you the actual facts under which we were persecuted in the DAP and why MDP was formed, and that you were jumping to that conclusion.

However, your reply seemed to reinforce that you do not know or knew very little, or did not bother to ascertain your facts when you made references to others.

The recent decisions of the Court of Appeal in setting aside the ex-parte Injunction, which was obtained by MBf Finance Bhd and MBf Holdings Bhd against me 14 years ago, the High Court struck out of the whole law suit and the total collapsed of MBf Finance Bhd were self-explanatory. I almost went to prison for 4 years because of this case.

Let me enlightened you a little on your misguided statement that I was treated “as a rising star and given the Bukit Bintang seat, which was a crown jewel of the party”.

In the 1986 General Elections, I stood as a candidate in the Klang Parliamentary Constituency against Dato’ Ng Cheng Kiat, the then Deputy Minister of Education, and I lost. Would one send a rising star to stand against a minister?

After l lost in Klang, I carried on to serve the constituency and dutifully went down to Klang every Wednesday night to serve the people at my own expense and also went to Klang as and when I was needed between the periods of 1986 until 1990.

From the above facts, I leave it to the right thinking Malaysians to make their own judgment whether I have benefited as alluded to by you.

Sometime in 1999 or 1990 Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye resigned from the DAP and I do not know whether it was a fallout between Tan Sri Lee and Lim Kit Siang. Perhaps you may know better than me.

Parliament was dissolved in 1990 and I was given the letter of authority to stand in Klang for the 1990 General Elections. However, one day before the Nomination Day for the 1990 General Elections, I was called by Lim Kit Siang to move to Bukit Bintang seat, to which I declined on the ground that I was not familiar with the constituency at all and also I have already been serving Klang for the past 4 years. But I was instructed to go to Bukit Bintang and I had choice but to go. Fung Kui Lun, a stranger to Klang, was picked to stand and he won handsomely.

Please rest assured that the MDP was never critical of Lim Kit Siang as blindly alleged by you which was based on distorted facts as shown above. The MDP and I are always critical of hypocrites or people wearing mask and politicians, who “cakap tak serupa bikin”. I am not at all surprised that you are not clear about my political struggle for the simple reason that you did not bother to ascertain the facts before you post your articles.

Based on the above reasons, I now rest my case that your reference to me was based on figment of your imaginations. I shall not dwell on any more of your imaginations.

Thank you.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Dear Mr Wee,

I will let those who are directly involved in the events you mentioned to reflect on your argument. There are different perspectives and intepretations to any part of history.

I was aware of your political past and have spoken to quite a number of sources about it. But it is not my intention to debate about the right or wrong of your decision.

My argument centred on the political purpose of MDP and the inertia of its formation.

My link with Sedar Institute which is supported by Parti Gerakan is not a secret. However, views posted on this blog are my own.

A person's independence is not judged by his affiliation alone but from his personal stand, thoughts and views.

You are welcomed to post your replies on my blog. But for now, I am happy to agree to disagree.

You have not proven convincingly that MDP was not established after your fallout with DAP and one of the earliest motives of the party was to attack the leadership of LKS and DAP.

On BB, you did win handsomely too in 1990. This alone proves that it was a crown jewel of DAP. A seat they can afford to put up any unfamiliar candidate and still win handsomely.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Khoo

I certainly agree with Mr Wee Choo Keong. You are judging a book by its cover.

Also, I would like to say that I am a very straight talker. By looking at the picture of you, at the above right hand corner, you don't look straight. Slightly Bent Forward!