Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Poor Malaysia!

In the prologue to ‘Dr Mahathir's Selected Letters to World Leaders’, he writes: "It did not cross my mind that after I left (office in October 2003), there would be such a change as to make pleasing the prime minister more important than anything else."

Referring to the state of media freedom under the Abdullah administration, Mahathir writes that news in the mainstream media is “so censored and spun by spin doctors that the prime minister cannot possibly know the feelings and frustrations of the majority of the people ... fortunately for the government, Malaysians abhor violence when expressing their anger”.

He then notes: “So things must become much worse before they would show their (people's) true feelings in any way. In the meantime, the sycophants will continue to enjoy their day. Poor Malaysia!"

I am looking forward to read his newly launched book. It is interesting to read the prognosis of a former premier who is credited with much of our democratic destruction in the last two decades.

Remnants of the destruction are now catching up with the ex-premier - the VK Lingam's scandalous tape. I am sure more scandals will be unveiled if the current premier decided that he had enough of Dr Mahathir.

One should remember that Abdullah is warming a seat, entrapped with all its power and influence, created by Dr Mahathir. By his own doing, all check-and-balance systems are not working eventhough they may be in place on paper. Both UMNO and the executive are popping their noses into every aspect of Malaysian life. Never in the history of Malaysia, politicians are so influential in this country.

Perhaps someone should write a book reminding Dr Mahathir about all his past (mis)deeds and abuse of power.

The people are not meek by nature but they were cowed into this behaviour by the administration and Dr Mahathir was the administration's chief architect. No thanks to you.
Yes, Malaysia is poorer as a result of your actions. The current premier is merely trying to emulate Dr Mahathir.


Anonymous said...

I think Dr.Mahathir is a very evil person who belong to a bygone ages.He is smart but lack wisdom..he still think others are stupid and nobody should challenge him...a book should be written about his ego trip...Twin Tower,Proton,Perwaja,KLIA.....
I ahd always felt pity for people who inherited his "wrongs" and got blame by him

koolgeek said...

a short sighted politician

Anonymous said...

22 years of service as a PM and a so called 'corporate consultant and a political analyst'..Just list down your contribution to the country and I will list down his..There's no such things as the current PM emulating his former boss..If this is true, Dr. M by now should be like His Royal Highness Lee Kuan Yew of Malaysia..

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Dear Anon 11.13am,

Why don't we do it the other way round? I will list down what I have done to destroy Malaysia's democracy and we do the same for Dr Mahathir. I can name you a few: emasculating the judiciary, amendments to the constitution which eroded our freedom and rights (making decisions made by political parties and Ministers not challengable in courts), institutionalised corruption, the use of ISA as a political weapon against his opponents, putting political Islam at the forefront and many more...I did none of the above to you and your family.

It is an utter nonsense you try to compare me with Dr Mahathir. You should compare Dr Mahathir to the 3previous PMs.

The current administration is warming up to the use of ISA, politicking with religion, using race as a political triumph card, and others. This is what I meant about learning from his former boss.

We should be alright if Dr M is Lee Kuan Yew. Lee may not be perfect but at least he set Singapore on the road of meritocracy.

Anonymous said...

I think what Anon 11.13am is trying to say is that it is easy to list down the negatives without first having an objective comparison to the positives.

Mahathir has to thread a fine line between lifting up the Malays as well as encouraging economic development which was originally dominated by the Chinese. So some of his policies may look draconian.

Therefor I think Anon is just saying its easy to look at one side and conclude that the man is the most corrupt leader in Malaysian history and that statement is not really fair.