Wednesday, January 02, 2008

United Kingdom and Eire Council's Discussion in London

I would like to extend my warm regards and thanks to Mr Ahmad Nazri Sulaiman, Director of Malaysian Students Department in London, Khairizul, Chairman of UKEC, Shahril, Deputy Chairman of UKEC and other committee members for hosting my talk in London on 16th December 2007.

I am glad to know that you thought the frank and sincere discussion was worth your time. It must be difficult to miss the clash of titans (Arsenal versus Chelsea and MU versus Liverpool) at the same time.

However, I am sure we can agree that the future of Malaysia is even more important and required our immediate attention. Moving forward, we know the race model is facing a serious bottleneck. The next political model/solution must come quickly and it must recognise the need to unite all Malaysians.

Any political model which chooses to exclude and create a special realm for a specific race or religion is outdated. Unlike what others, especially politicians, would like us to believe the racial political model promoted by BN is sustainable. In fact, the Alliance model was abandoned in 1969 and a more inclusive model (Barisan Nasional) was introduced in July 1974. It is time for the model to undergo another review and restructuring to focus on global positioning and nation building.

I was fortunate to meet Wan Saiful of Malaysia Think Tank London and Wan Firdaus who is the special officer to Johor CM. Both of them agreed too that we must take a bold step forward and Malays must not hold on to their false sense of supremacism.

I am heartened to know that many Malaysians have emerged to share their thoughts and I am sure together we can make a change.

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