Thursday, February 21, 2008

Penang CMship and Line-Up: The Wait is Over

Gerakan Acting President has announced his line-up at 2pm today. The wait is finally over. Two of the three contenders for the CMship are contesting for state seats namely, Lee Kah Choon (Machang Bubuk) and Dr Teng Hock Nan ( Pulau Tikus).

The list looks like a compromised one, hoping to bring together different factions, by incorporating candidates alligned to several veteran leaders not nominated to stand in this GE. There is a new brotherhood partnership of Chia Loong Thye and Chia Kwang Chye. Both are named to contest a state and parliament seat respectively.

Looks like this is the year of Rat. It shall be a tussle between "Keep Reinventing" and "Just Change It". Meanwhile, Penangites are expected to make their choice.

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LangChiaPek said...

KTK lari kuat kuat ke Batu Kawan

Chia Brothers becomes the monkey gods in Bukit Bendera

We need another Lim Chong Eu to save Penang