Friday, March 21, 2008

Comedy Court

Correct! Correct! Correct!, Tengku Adnan Mansor, the new UMNO secretary general, has warned the Opposition not to be “stupid enough” to try to buy over any Barisan MP. Tengku Adnan is definitely speaking from experience that any individual, regardless of profile, can be bought at the right price.

The opposition coalition (PKR-DAP-PAS) led by de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, who is not even elected, needs only 30 more MPs to form a simple majority government. An ambitious leader, Anwar naturally focuses on forming a federal government so that he can be made its new prime minister when he returns to the parliament through a by-election in late April.

Unknown to him, his aggressiveness in pursuing his ambition will cost him some support. An immediate thing Anwar should do is to focus on making his loose and ideologically diverse coalition works and delivers its promises to the people.

Tengku Adnan added, “As the newly appointed Umno secretary-general, I will send out our intelligence people to check on the ground whether there is any truth to such claims." Again no one doubted his ability to do so.

On creating trouble, he also warned Tengku Razaleigh not to “create trouble” in the party. Ku Li should remind Adnan the same and leave the judiciary alone.

Another UMNO stalwart who had just brushed off the dust on his desk and newly-appointed Selangor Barisan Nasional and Umno chief Muhammad Muhammad Taib (Mike Tyson) pledged to recapture the state in the next election - with his bag full of money and lack of proficiency in English?

We have moved on. Unfortunately, Abdullah hasn't and is still trying to resurrect old corpses to fend off the misfortune of his administration.


Anonymous said...

Mr Khoo,

I won't read too much into BR forming the next govt anytime soon.

30 seats to form a simple majority for BR or 8 seats to enjoy a 2/3 majority for BN? Kataks jump both ways.

I believe Anwar is engaging in some tactical maneuvers. He's taunting the BN. Guerrilla warfare? He is "creating" some divisions & insecurities within the enemies' camp to divert their attentions. Thereby shielding the newly formed PKR-DAP-PAS state govts from attacks.

CK Tan said...

resurrecting old corpses to pave way for his dwindling support in the coming UMNO assembly. pathetic.

racist kuli, Adnan, Mike Tyson and some others should instead be packed in bag and sent to South Pole to spend their remaning life.

give us some peace.

Anonymous said...

how can this government be clean when such tainted individuals are appointed to such important positions?
go on BN with your wayward ways, five years later you guys will be the oposition.

Bow said...

The minister of rural development carried three quarter of a million out of Australia is not a very "smart" way to launder dirty money,he needs to remember foreign custom officials are hard to bride and pressure into submission of his "ketuanan Melayu" crap.