Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Dr Chandra: Anwar's a Disaster

If Anwar Ibrahim becomes Prime Minister, it will be an “unmitigated disaster” for Malaysia, a former Parti Keadilan Nasional (before they joined forces with Parti Rakyat Malaysia to become PKR) deputy-president, Dr Chandra Muzaffar, said at a forum yesterday.

His reasons:

  • The former deputy prime minister was a good speaker, he was not the sort of leader the country needed as he was now singing a different tune from when he was in the Government.
  • When Anwar was Education Minister, he had compelled schools to switch from using (the term) Bahasa Malaysia to Bahasa Melayu.
  • He is portraying a totally different image and it is sad that quite a lot of non-Malays believe in this man. He is saying today that he wants to abolish the NEP (New Economic Policy) and that is music to their ears.

I am not here to defend Anwar, whom I have criticised on a number of occasions, but I would like to challenge Dr Chandra's intellectual integrity when he made his feeling known in the forum. My questions to Dr Chandra:

  • Why did you join Keadilan in 1999 fully aware of Anwar's reputation in the government previously?
  • Did you compromise your intellectual integrity by joining Keadilan then and fought for Anwar's freedom?
  • Are you saying that consistency is better than change? So if an UMNO extremist who champions Ketuanan Melayu continues with his position right up to being a prime minister, he is a better leader than Anwar?
  • Anwar wanted to abolist the NEP. Non-Malays are no fools and they will support Abdullah Badawi today if he can commit the same. It does not matter who but action speaks louder than words. Is UMNO prepared to do the same? Calling for an abolishment of the NEP?

As a respected intelletual, Dr Chandra should maintain objectivity in his observation. Otherwise, non-partisan readers will find him just another stooge of political parties.


Anonymous said...

Malaysiakini goes free for one week
Mar 4, 08 2:02pm

In view that the country is going to the polls on Saturday, Malaysiakini has decided to make its website free beginning today for the next seven days.


Anonymous said...

i wonder if Chandra has been offer incentives by BN like Lee Lam Thye.
This is not the time to bring such issues up.
Time for consolidation against the might of BN.
BN has all support - MSM, public sector, funding from all over.
Chandra should shut up until after the GE.

Michael Sun said...

Looks like everyone has his price.

What he said about Anwar, can be applied to himself. He has been a chameleon himself. From Aliran, Keadilan, Just World etc. Isn't fight for justice and equality not "just"?

He looks like an intellectual, sounds like one and if you ask me 100 times, I will say he is not.

Vote wisely.