Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mantra Repeated

I am not surprised to read editorials, articles and news reports warning people about potential catastrophe should they vote for the opposition on saturday (8th March). This is an old, worn out and irresponsible tactic used by the unscrupulous politicians and their cheer leaders.

Regardless of the outcome, Malaysians must be encouraged to vote on their conscience and not out of fear and intimidation. If government can be changed peacefully in Thailand, Australia, Pakistan, India, Taiwan and elsewhere, why must there be bloodshed and violence in Malaysia?

Members of the police force and army are also normal citizens with family members and their own responsibility to ensure safety and peace for their loved ones. Malaysians of all races and creed must respect the wishes of the people and whatever choice they make in a democractic process. Otherwise, we are making a mockery of our own political process.

I would like to assure you that there will not be violence, there will not be Taliban ruling the country, there will not be bloodshed. It will be a day when Malaysians can exercise their rights to ensure they voted in a reliable, transparent and responsible government.

Malaysians must dump racial politics, dirty politics and irresponsible politicians and their cheerleaders. It is time for a new and confident Malaysia to emerge where interests of all communities and individuals are protected.

VOTE for a better Malaysia! Politicians who wanted support from the people must work for it.


Foo Yoong said...

Malaysians must come out and vote without fear! The world is watching us. The current scenario will not permits the repeat of May 13th.

The stakes are high for Bumiputeras too if they allow chaos in the country. Not only will their allocated wealth in the KLSE will suffer as a result of foreign sell down, their business empire will be affected too. Bumiputeras need friends from other races to jointly run businesses with/for them so that they can enjoy the fruits too. Otherwise it would be pointless to hold a Chairman post as it means nothing then.

However even if there's case of unruly behaviour, this shall be confine to ad hoc basis and are usually as a result of yesteryear politician whom will still resort to instigating some disillusioned youth fom the rural areas to instil fear in others.

Anonymous said...

Allocated wealth in KLSE are only to the few Bumis in in many cases to those close to UMNO. For the majority of Malays chaos is better because you cannot lose what you don't have, no? At they least chaos will lead to review of the constitution - is NEP working, is continued offering of cirizenship to chinaman and indiaman make sense?

Bow said...

anno: "continue giving citizenship to chinaman n indianman", is that for real? When is that begin? Please be more specific as i have many Malaysian friends of Chinese n indian decent here.

Bow said...

Majority of Malaysians do not want to have violence, except those unmoputra power brokers, may 13th was initiated by these thugs to start emergency rule by the corrupt power, in order to have perpetuate stranglehold of political power in Malaysia, not many young Malaysians understand that chapter of our history.