Saturday, March 22, 2008

Political Katak-ing (Defections)?

UMNO, SUPP, PBS, LDP, etc. said NO! Anwar Ibrahim insisted YES! Once again, a repeat of political melodrama is at play. Malaysians are again taken off the stage and put on the back seats. Politicians by any creed and ideology desire the same - power!

You can call it smart political manoeuvring or more cynically, assuming power through the back door. Even Malaysiakini's Steven Gan suggested something is cooking. "Knowing Anwar, he's not going to wait four years," said Steven.

Political defections are not uncommon. It happened in 1969 too when Dap assemblymen in Perak defected to BN to enable the latter to form a state government. It happened in Sabah which resulted in the downfall of the PBS government in Sabah and the entry of UMNO into the state. It happened to Dap not too long ago in Negri Sembilan when one of its assemblymen, Lim Fui Ming, defected to MCA.

When these defections took place, the opposition parties were fuming mad and demanded that their representatives resign and make way for by-elections. I supported the call because elected representatives should not mock the democratic process by defecting after being elected. This practice can even breed corruption.

An ex-assemblyman who was not nominated to defend his seat in Penang told me he was once offered RM5 million by a rival coalition party to defect. Luckily, he stayed put.

Despite assurances given by PKR, Pas and Dap, I would like to see the opposition parties honouring their pledge to respect the democratic process and move to discourage political KATAK-ING.

If they complained when the defections were against their interest, I am sure they will similarly criticize any intention by BN elected representatives to defect to the opposition coalition.

Otherwise, I am not too sure if the PKR-Dap-Pas coalition will be able to honour their words that they will not be just another BN in the making.

I support clean and honest politics.

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CK Tan said...

well said. those who do frogging, please line up and jump into the pond, u deserve that. better the sewage pond.