Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sad and Defining Moments in Penang Politics

If you want to follow up on what happened yesterday at both the Gerakan HQ and DAP's media centre at the Red Rock Hotel, visit Oon Yeoh's website. Oon, Zan and myself were there to witness the moments.


Anonymous said...

AAB contibues to sleep and that led to his Malay brothers to sleep.This allows the chinaese to take over the country. But that is democracy not like the brits, who in the past manipulated the Malay rulers to hand over govt to these whiteys

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Malays did not sleep. They joined in the movement for change if not Selangor, Kedah and Perak would not fall..

Chinese did not take over the country. You are still the same racist punk I met a while ago on my blog. Welcome back! Bro, you need a mindset shift.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Khoo,

I know it is a "defining moment" but
why "sad"? democracy is at work. with
all the advantages BN has, it is democracy
with a big "D"....


Michael Sun said...

Khoo Kay Peng is right. Chinese did not take over the country.

The Malays NOT the UMNOputras are just as marginalised as the non-Malays. It is people power.

This political tsunami is felt all the way here in London.

As Guan Eng said in a Christian function," If the walls of Jericho can fall, BN wall can also fall"

God bless Malaysia

GobloKing said...

ALL I ever wanted..

was for the future generation of Malaysians to enjoy the halycon days of my youth when..

there were no difference between races

there was great religious tolerance and good humor

And there were great leaders who believed in the future of a multiracial society

I really don't care if a green man from Mars leads Malaysia .... so long as he allows us all our civil liberties so we can live in harmony and unity; without condemnation nor prejudices.

Actually for once, I dare dream that this may well still come to pass.

The journey is long but so long as we are ONE Nation!

Anonymous said...

You can sleep for all we care but dont blame the chinese as this is about survival of the fittest. You have nothing now, no economic power and no political power. Go on join your leader in deep sleep

Anonymous said...


You once said that the then opposition coalition can not make it.

You were wrong after midnight 9 March 2008.

Both Lim Chong Eu and Lim Keng Yeik still vomitting blood as I wrote this knowing that their hard work all gone down the drain under the leadership of KTK.

Now that Gerakan is reduced to a mossi size party in federal politics, and completely kosong in
Penang, it is a good time to make a drastic move.

Since Gerakan shares the same ideology with DAP and PKR, what better time to pull Gerakan away from BN and work with DAP and PKR

Your thought ?


Khoo Kay Peng said...

Sad for BN
Defining for opposition

Bow said...

chinese take over, malay sleeping ? what kind of logic is that? isn't Malaysia already gain independent or this is just another "Melayu ketuanan" racist talk?