Monday, April 14, 2008

Muhyiddin is NOT even Half Accurate

Umno will fade away if immediate changes are not made to the leadership, its vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin said.

"If changes are not implemented, Umno will lose power and be unable to make a comeback."

"I worry that if no changes are made, the people will reject Barisan Nasional and Umno. I think the sentiments are growing among the grassroots, he added.

First, I hope Muhyiddin's definition of leadership includes leaders like him too. I remember that Muhyiddin was one of the leaders who rejected the notion of Bangsa Malaysia when it was mooted by Gerakan through its Anak Malaysia project.

A change of the leadership is necessary but the blame cannot be shouldered by Abdullah alone. The likes of Nazri Aziz, Hishammudin, Khairy, Ali Rustam and those race chauvinist delegates at the UMNO general assembly should be held responsible too.

Is Muhyiddin willing to call for the entire leadership, especially those who are directly responsible for making racist statements, to step down too?

A change of leadership i.e. the president/prime minister alone is not enough. Abdullah should not be made the sole scapegoat although as a president/prime minister he is doing a lousy job at controlling his people and managing the country well.

A change of mindset and culture of both UMNO and BN is equally important if the party and coalition want to survive and remain competitive in the political arena.

Most of the voters have voted for their future albeit a better one and not simply throwing tantrums at UMNO and BN.

Unless both UMNO and BN leaders wake up and face the reality, nothing can really be achieved by simply packing off Abdullah.


Anonymous said...

tuahyong said....

The whole lot of Cabinet Ministers from Armno caused the downfall of Be End in the likes of Kerismuddin, Nazri Aziz, Ali Rustam,which spewed racsist remarks which the non Armno members couln't defend!
To go is not Abdullah alone but all are responsible including Najib C4. The impending news that prices of fuel which is a burden to the Rakyats and the non-accountability of Petronas incomes also contributed to the loss!!

Anonymous said...

Forcing AAB gone is not making umnoputra any better in gaining the trust of Malaysians, so long as the rest of racist "pigs" still remain in the party, nothing will keep your power in perpetuity.Guess it is too hard for him to understand the truth.

Anonymous said...

The only way for UMNO to change is to transform the party into a United MALAYSIAN National Organization, where all Malaysians, irrespective of race can be a member. As UMNO is a mass-based party, the largest in the country, there should be sufficient numbers of members who endorse this vision of UMNO's founder Onn Jaafar, when in 1951,he tried to open the doors of UMNO to the other races, but was rejected by UMNO, and he had to leave the party to form the Independence of Malaya Party. Malaysia today is different from Malaysia 57 years ago and going by the results of the last GE where many people voted across racial lines, perhaps some leader in UMNO might embark on this bold step which would surely attract a lot of support for UMNO from all races. Is there an UMNO leader brave enough to do that, i.e break the impasse of racial politics and fulfil the vision of Onn Jaafar? The only person whom anyone could have thought off was his grandson,Hishammuddin, but alas Hisham chose to be a samseng wielding the keris to threaten all those who subscribed to his grandfather's vision. Poor Onn Jaafar would indeed be very sad to see his grandson doing all out to kill his vision instead of upholding and promoting it.

Still if Hisham indeed has a conscience, I'm sure many of us would be prepared to forgive him on the keris wielding incident - if he takes the bold step of endorsing his grandfather's vision to declare that UMNO should be open to all races and not only the malays.

Anonymous said...

Calling some peoples "racist", is a racist stand itself.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 2.58am,

Interesting logic. I am not surprised after reading your posts.

Go buy an Oxford Advanced Learner's dictory and check out the meaning of 'racist'. This is a little homework for you. It did not refer to someone calling another person a racist. From your previous posts and comments, you happened to be a racist.

Bow said...

Expecting an umnoputra racist to be accurate or honest is not going to happen in Malaysia, it is not in their party struggle, Mr khoo.