Monday, April 28, 2008

Sick Partisanship Needs a Dose of Nationalism

Reported in, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is ready to take the rap if his policy to appoint political leaders from the state opposition Barisan Nasional coalition backfires.

He also acknowledged that he was taking a big risk in absorbing ‘BN virus’ into the DAP-led Pakatan Rakyat state administration."I know that I am taking a big risk," he said when asked whether he was inviting "BN political virus" to his administration.

Karpal Singh, DAP Chairman, has chided Lim for appointing former Gerakan deputy secretary-general Lee Kah Choon as the executive chairman of InvestPenang and a director in Penang Development Corporation (PDC).

It is a shame if DAP leaders, members and supporters allow Guan Eng to fail by pulling back their support in his bid to absorb and incorporate good Malaysians regardless of political affliation. Karpal should not take this issue too personal. Yes, in the heat of the 1999 general election KC Lee did criticize Karpal on his service record. But it was part of a political contest then. As a national leader, I am sure Karpal can accept positive criticism and do not allow something so petty to spoil the grand picture.

Malaysians need to get out from the partisan mould. It is not going to help anybody. Regardless of the political affliation, we are all Malaysians. If in other developed countries, politicians from both sides of the divide can concur on issues why can't us? Do not make a mockery of our nascent democratization.

KC's decision to help out the state government is not facing merely opposition within Gerakan. Many leaders and members do think beyond the political divide. As politicians, they should put service above self.

It is time to end the unnecessary politicking and allow KC to prove himself to all Penangites.


Anonymous said...

it's the same with all these old geezers, whether BN or opposition. is called generation GAP !! one day when all of them are no longer around, then malaysia will truly see a new beginning.

Vincent said...

Unfortunately it looks like only the "Rakyat" understand the terms non-partisan correctly as it seems at the end of the day, these politician be it from BN and PR don't see the forest for the trees. Why can't something good be given a chance to prove itself, why must they shoot it down straight away. How do they know they are always right? It looks like if this kind of mentally carries on, eventually Malaysia will broken up into 2 parts with the North under PR and South under BN......

Anonymous said...

That's pretty wild imagination.The fedral Govt have control of armed forces,It's unlikely they let
the states in the north slip away .

As for karpal Singh,he's man with
Integrity..he had far-sightness to see in time to come,If the DAP started this defaction game,it will
not end there,it would only enhance the BN's drive push for more opposition MP's
to their ends.Given the enormous war-chest of money and power,BN possess,it would only see more defactions from the oppostion.Karpal just want to have a clean and efficent govt,none of this poltical horse-trading.I think Karpal will make better chief minster than guan eng