Wednesday, April 09, 2008

True Measurement of Character

An ancient old Chinese wisdom told of a good way to measure a person's true character - give him wealth and power. Many mediocre leaders and lesser characters are often seduced by wealth and power. Many show their true colours once they attained either one of them.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang said the Chinese and Indian vote swing helped the opposition gain more seats and states.

“Those who did not vote us are tiga suku (crazy),” he said.

For a note, I would not vote for a PAS candidate if we are facing an election now. Similarly, if in the past I have rejected and criticized arrogant leaders I would do the same to PAS and its president for making an out of the mind statement.

This is only one example. Recently, I have personally witnessed similar pattern (change of attitude) in some newly elected MPs and state assemblymen. The worse part is I have known some of them for years. It is a pain and a deep disappointment to see such a drastic change in behaviour in such short haul.

Elected representatives must remember where their position and authority came from. It was mandated by the people. Every 4 to 5 years you will have to come back to us, voters, for that mandate to be renewed.

We have entrusted in you a responsibity and not a social status. Keep your head swelling and you will be booted out like the others before you.


Anonymous said...

You too have the same feeling hah? This is especially true after the elections and came the elections of MB and you begin to feel that we(Malaysia) still have a VERY long long way to go to actually achieve a trully Malaysian status. In spite of the call for a trully Malaysian nation during the elections, we still end up squabbling up racial issues when it comes down to the bottom line.
Well, whatever it is, I know we(the rakyat) have made the right choice this time around and all good things must have a start.......let's all hope this is it.

rahsia said...

who are they? point them out. do u dare?

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Are you still a 10-year old playing dare game?

Why don't you contact me if you want to know?

This message goes to all elected representatives. Awang Hadi being an example.