Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Ignorant Lim?", Teng None the Better

Dr Teng Hock Nan, a former state exco and VP of Gerakan, has branded Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng an ignorant and naive person and accused him of playing politics on the proposed Penang Global City Centre (PGCC) project issue.

His main rebuttals:

  • He added that there was no need for Lim to make queries about the project in public when he could easily obtain the answers from his officers and other sources.
  • To Lim's assertion that the former state government should apologise to the prime minister for misleading him and inviting him to the launch when the project had not even been approved, Dr Teng said the invitation was from the developer Equine Capital Bhd and not the then state government.He stressed that even state government officials were at the launch as invited guests and played no part in organising the event.
  • He said the prime minister himself requested, during the launch, that the state government facilitate and assist in the approval of the project
  • To another question as to why the state government allowed the developer to sell and promote the project despite the fact that no approval had been given, Dr Teng said: "If the developer wants to do a conceptual launch or promote the project, we cannot stop them. Also, we were not aware what the developer was promoting."
  • On the move to rezone the Turf Club land from recreational/open space to new development in the state structural plan, Dr Teng said it was done so that the land could be developed in the future."As far as I am concerned, any development can take place on the land and it is not confined to the PGCC project."
  • "You must understand that this is a private land which belongs to a private club and since there was an application to develop it, we figured that it was best to include it into the structural plan."
Teng's answers smacked of insincerity and ignorance.

1) When the new administration took office, most of the documents were either removed or destroyed. Isn't the responsibility of the previous government to be accountable for its actions? If Dr Koh wants to be known as a gentleman politician, surely some honest reply will not hurt but may instead put Gerakan in a good light.

2) On the invitation, granted the PM was not being misled. He was very much part of the project anyway. But why didn't Teng, Dr Koh and several BN councillors stayed away from the launch knowing that it was a controversial project yet to receive approvals? Dr Koh did make a statement that he hoped PGCC will be similar like KLCC so he could enjoy his coffee and at the same time admiring the environment. By attending the launch, the state government is very much part of the event.

3) I remembered talking to some Gerakan leaders about the project and requested them to scale it down. They remarked its difficult for Tsu Koon to defy the PM since the latter had instructed him to expedite the approvals. Only when the issue became a big political risk for BN, Tsu Koon announced that approvals will be considered only after the GE.

4) It is the ignorance of Teng to claim that the state cannot do anything if developers wanted to promote a yet to be approved project. It showed how the last administration was totally out of touch with governance in Penang. Projects yet to be approved cannot be promoted and marketed to the public. It is silly to suggest that its okay for developers to sell projects which are not in existence!

5) By approving the conversion of the land status without determining what would be build on the land is reckless and irresponsible. It is inaccurate for Teng to say that any form of development can take place on the piece of land. There are local council requirements which must be met e.g. green area provision, no of floors allowed, allocation for low cost housing, public amenities ,traffic congestion etc. If what Teng suggested was what happened in the past, then his administration was hopeless and probably responsible for spate of badly developed projects in Penang e.g. Bukit Bendera/Air Putih condos...etc.

Teng should be more responsible in making a statement.


Anonymous said...

Teng should be able to get the 'answers' from Koh in a private chat. Why did he need to rebute on Lim's comment?

The attendance of Penang state government officials was clearly a strong indication of endorsement.

Teng should have said that the previous state government facilitated and assisted in the approval of the project BLINDLY. In turn, Penangites had been BLINDLY led by the administration for almost two decades!!

Come on, Teng. Didn't you smell the rats?

This good news should be conveyed to other Penang-based developers because 'no' approval is required for any development on the land.

True Blue Penangite

TOOLAN said...

His rebuttals is so typical of BN working mechanisicm where one need not be transparent, need not ask too many questions and must always be a "yes" man.

Another point on this issue, ever notice many "things" are done without doing proper studies, without proper planning and always the "tidak apa" attitude? Just do it first, worry about it later.....
No wonder Malaysia is always lacking behind our neighbouring countries like Singapore. Cialat!

Jason ANG-blog shooter said...

Hello Khoo, i am a johor gerakan, i am very angry and disappointed by your comment and your recent movement, What the hell when you frogging to other party and start to shooting on our leader, do you thing you have qualified to comment in this matter? Young bird in politic , sometime do not any how shoot, otherwise , E-gerakan member have a lot as well, we also will shoot you OK, to popularize yourself this is not the way OK, do not acted like DAP leader everyday looking for opportunity to make them as super Idol in Malaysia Politic.If you wanted to be a super idol , i advice you to contest in Malaysia Super Idol, not in politic.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Jason the Blog Shooter,

You are angry and disappointed. Good. But at the wrong targets. Were you disappointed when your leaders thought they should forge closer ties with UMNO even to the extent of closing both eyes on UMNO's wrongdoings? I was the Executive Director of Sedar, a Gerakan linked think tank. What happened to me when I was critical of UMNO's political arrogance since 2002? I was isolated by your party leaders, hauled up by Koh Tsu Koon, warned by your adviser's younger brother (who even complained to the CC about my criticism) and had my salary delayed a few times.

Where were you? I am not qualified to criticize your leaders, do you think you have the right to stop me from doing so?

You are truly a product of Gerakan, came out from the same mould like the current leadership.

That is why Gerakan has responded to their defeat by setting up a team of cybertroopers a.k.a blogshooters to warn people who dared criticize the party. With this kind of leadership, do you think your party can wrest back power in Penang?

What qualification do I have? I am a voter of Penang who will continue to vote your candidates out for your sheer arrogance.

You know what, I am not just blogging about your party. By the end of the month, a book I co-authoured will be out in bookstores talking about the rise and fall of Gerakan. You buy them up if you do not want your party leaders being criticized.

Granted, you may have many shooters but I hope they are shooting straight. Looking at your reaction here, I pretty much doubt so.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason Ang,

As far as genuine and indepedent bloggers are concerned, readers welcome any constructive criticism. It does not matter whether the target is BN or PR. However, baseless allegations should be avoided at all cost.

I believe KKP is as much concerned as me about the future fortune of the Pearl of Orient. If you don't agree with a blogger's comment, please present your argument, rather than just said "I am very angry and disappointed". Scroll up and read the first comments made by True Blue Penangite. Don't you agree?

Leaders of any parties should not just kowtow to the government's policies that are unfair, biased and detrimental to any races.

If the blog ever existed during Dr M era, I believe Dr M would have suffered the same faith in the 10th election. There was simply no freedom of speech at that time!

Recent events clearly show that all leaders are on their toes now. See how quick Lim Kit Siang realised his mistake when he urged fellow DAPs not to attend the 'angkat sumpah' ceremony in Perak recently. He was not spared from criticism and he immediately apologised. It took 3 years for UMNO Youth Chief to realise his 'heroic' act. What an ironic he is our Education Minister. This may reflect his slow thinking.

If your goal of writing blog is to 'revenge', you are doomed for failure with this negative thinking.

For sure, we have to respect elders. But, it does not mean that we cannot criticise them if they are wrong. I apply the same principle to my parents. If they are wrong, they are wrong and we should highlight to them. Only dictators cannot be criticised!!

Anonymous said...

Jason Ang blog PEA shooter,

Look at logics and not emotions.

Young birds like Khoo Kay Peng look at things very objectively and fairly. His opinions are facts which we can act own to propel Penang to greater heights. Old birds like you cannot accept that white is white and that black is black or right is right and wrong is wrong (got to write such simplicity to make you understand). Khoo Kay Peang understands why Gerakan lost in Penang, do you, Jason the Pea Shooter???? Stick to politics in Johor, Johorian. Do not mess with matters involving the Penang kias.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jason,

While you are disappointed with Gavin over his posting over here, have you ever wonder why your acting party president still dodging requests by the current CM of Penang for a meetup? your acting party president had had the job for 18 years and I am sure he will be very much sought after by the current Penang administration to move the Penang to the next height minus UMNO.

sadly your acting party president prefer to play numb and dumb, ran away to Selangor for Wesak day celebration this year.

So what next ? do you still have confidence with someone who hide under his wife's skirt after 8 March 2008 ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,

I wonder why Gerakan's adviser recently admitted that "Position of BN component parties like beggers" (Sin Chew Daily exclusive interview in early May 2008).

In addition, do you notice the MCA President has been quite outspoken recently on certain issues?

Who do you think about their actions lately? Please share your thought on this. Thank you.

Jason ANG-blog shooter said...

you all just like to shoot our gerakan, something more important here see below:

From Dr M resignation to a nation Economy and politic problem......I worry Malaysia future

Dr M resignation will further weaken the Malaysia political stability, from the economic point of view, as a normal citizen we are worry about the current global problem like commodity price is raising , obviously the Oil is the main issue. USA have a sign of economic downturn already, this will be impact to Malaysia sooner or later. The former Deputy PM of Singapore Dr Tan had warned Singaporean to be get ready for the next economic turmoil.

Lets look into above matter added the instability of Malaysia political issue, would Malaysia will hit by both issue ? This is the worry, if both Economical and political issue hit our beloved Malaysia, are we strong enough like 1997 to solve the above both problem.

Today i just got some Singapore dollar from Singapore to exchange to Malaysia Ringgit, surprisingly SGD1 is equal to RM2.363. This should be the highest in this year.are this the sign of economy turmoil is coming?................

Further to this , the global natural disaster in Myanmar and china also further worsen the world economy. as a IT and Businessman , i have a feeling that the economy nightmare is coming............... be ready.........

Jason ANG-blog shooter said...

aiya , you should go to my blog to tell me mah.

One thing very important also the politic is dirty , i also Kena sabotage at my division, work hard but end up my sub shine too bright , some culprit maligning for betraying them , gelang patah division.

Obviously, gerakan have lost their bargain power in the BN, however, DAP have lost almost 40 years, why we cannot become begger ? if for the sick of Malaysia future , even hooker also nevermind.

LKY mentioned that we are begger, i think yes i agreed. you know this better. But our leader is trying to change, we need to patient and wait.

MCA have no choice becoz they have too many minister to fight for , how to voice out ?