Sunday, May 11, 2008

Medical Check Up for NS Trainees Unlikely Soon

The proposed full body check-up for National Service (NS) trainees, beginning next intake, may be a better and reliable option but is unlikely to be implemented soon.

Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai said this was because the move would incur a huge cost and involve a more complicated structure of who should bear it.

“The question is, who is going to bear the cost? The parents? They will make a lot of noise if the cost is passed to them. We need to study it”.

My advice to Liow is go to ahead with the full body check-up for all trainees. Parents would have spent more than hundreds of thousands ringgit to bring up their children by the time they reached 18 years old.

If the government wants to enlist them on a compulsory programme, regardless how silly and meaningless it is, it must be willing to fork out RM400-500 per trainee to ensure necessary precautions are taken before submitting the trainee to streneuous training. The money comes from tax payers anyway so what is the fuss about who bear the cost?

Previously, I had found Liow's stand against Wee Meng Chee's parody distasteful, the minister has repeated the same silly, distasteful and uncaring statement again.

If the government finds the full body check-up expensive, don't the people/tax payers find the RM500 million expenses a year on NS programme expensive too?



rahsia said...

That means the mess what not created by him & there is no money in it for him.

Why don't we get Lee Lam Thye to answer or give explanations? His wages is being paid with you taxpayers money too.

Anonymous said...

excellent straight talking took the words right out of my mouth..keep it up man..

Anonymous said...

Scrap this Non-Sense (NS) Programme if proper precautious measures cannot be put in place.

Anonymous said...

may be the millions dont go to the fat cats so there's no necessity; or they need time to come out with another scheme similar to fomema. dont be surprise, khoo.
one or two deaths aint gonna stop this program and another few wont stand in the way either.
vow, have you seen lee lam thye crying anymore for the unnecessary deaths? guess he has ran out of tears, huh?

What A Lulu said...

the government hospitals and clinics will not be able to run these check-ups. as it is,they are having problems with the patient load capacity.

they would probably [opportunistically] create/set up a national service screening ala fomena to "carry out the monitoring and supervision of the medical examinations of NS conscripts under the mandatory health-screening program in Malaysia."

when that happens,
it will be interesting to see which company will get the contract to do the medical check-ups.
it will be doubly interesting to see who are the shareholders of the company, what is the fee charged, and what are the components included in the "free" medical check-up.

Foo Yoong said...

It seems like the comment from Health Minister is to cover for the shortcoming of MINDEF. Why wasn't the Defence Minister commenting on this and how to avoid the problem since NS is under him?

Even if there's noble suggestion on health screen, this should be firm and concrete rather than vaguely issuing comment and retract it later that a study needs to be done first before implementing it. All this sums up as zero.

TOOLAN said...

RM500 million, alot of money right....the uniforms, equipments etc. are big business to those company supplying to NS.....of course our MPs will want to this program to continue.....even our DPM supports give full support....wonder what is his commision this time?

amoker said...

Straight to the point. In fact, Najib has come out asking private companies to do the screening. MOre MOre MOre Money.