Thursday, May 08, 2008

No to Local Election

In a Malaysiakini report, Minister of Housing and Local Government Ong Ka Chuan said NO to local election.

‘No' to local government election

Housing and Local Government Minister Ong Ka Chuan has said the government has no intention to re-introduce the local government elections.

He said this in a written reply to Liew Chin Tong (DAP-Bukit Bendera).

Since taking over from his brother, Ka Ting, as a cabinet minister, Ka Chuan can only move backward. Earlier I blogged on Ka Chuan's response to Tee Keat on MCA going multiracial. He said NO as well.

What else can Ka Chuan contribute to national politics if he had shot down two very good proposals? Any of these proposals would have been monumental for Malaysian politics.

Ka Chuan should realise that putting the local councils to vote will make them more accountable to serve the people. His brother encountered many problems previously with these councils - mostly controlled by political warlords e.g. the late Zakaria Mat Deros - and yet his ministry is powerless against these councils. Just take a look at MPSP in Penang. It spent mostly on stupid buildings instead of upgrading public amenities. As a result, it is almost bankrupt. It does not involve Ka Chuan's money but those tax payers in Seberang Perai will have to put up with such unscrupulous management.

By saying NO to local elections, Ka Chuan did not provide any alternative to his decision. I am not too sure now if he is even fit to become a minister yet alone a Secretary General of his party which is making an outlandish claim of representing my rights as a Chinese Malaysian. I do not need a leader such as Ka Chuan to represent me or my family.

Such a leader is a stumbling block to democratization and political reform. MCA members should just ditch him in the next party election.


Anonymous said...

It appears that Ong Ka Chuan is having an election phobia, not sure whether it was the result of his loss in 11th GE!!

David BC Tan said...

hear! hear!

Anonymous said...

Ong ka chuan is scared that with local govt elections, MCA will continue to lose - as it had lost, especially in Penang, Ipoh, and other main towns before 1964 when govt banned them because of Indon confrontation. OKC may prove to be an even more INEPT leader than his brother in taking over his ministry. His move has just confirmed MCA's path towards disintegration in the next few years

rahsia said...

Yeah, he's the most backward of the bunch.

CK Tan said...

OKC is lucky this time.
Next time around, ppl will say NO to him instead.

Anonymous said...

may be a question on sweetheart deals from the appointed councillors to politicians should be posed to him. see what is his reaction?

amoker said...

OKC should try to contest in Klang Valley. I wonder why MCA bigwigs faught in safe areas during GE12 instead of real battlegrounds. ... Self preservation. OKC has nothing much to say except chinese this and that... cheh