Friday, May 09, 2008

NS = "Naik Syurga?" (Go to Heaven)

National service (NS) trainee Too Hui Min (pic) had complained of constipation for three days before she died and her family wants to know why camp officials did not take her to the hospital earlier. Does this sound familiar to you?

In the past, parents and youths were so eager to participate in the NS programme. Today, many parents are willing to face the long arm of law to protect their children from being called for duty. Probably, the Malaysian NS has the highest casualties among non-combat programmes worldwide.

Why? Poor facilities, poor physical conditions in camps, lack of medical support, insensitive trainers and many more. I am wondering why must the people be made to pay RM500 million to support this programme and got nothing back from it?

Worse, I am feeling guilty now because my tax money helped to fund a programme which brought heartache and grief to dozens of parents who lost their children to this programme.

Does this programme help our inter-ethnic relations? Not before, not now and probably won't in the future if politicians themselves cannot change their own racist way and end racist politics in Malaysia.

Why must these children sacrifice their time, energy, sweat, tears, blood and life so that politicians can brag that they have contributed significantly to national unity. Unity my FOOT!
What is the use of this flimsy clarion of national unity if politicians like Ahmad Shabery Cheek was trying to racialise pig farming and justify the use of "ketuanan Melayu"?
What is the use of this expensive and killer programme if some ultras are still shouting racist slogans and beating their chest claiming to be race champions?

STOP THIS STUPID NS! Do not be a killer! Look at the face of this innocent victim. She lost her life so that fools like us can continue to support this idiotic social reengineering programme when the ruling coalition is made of mostly bloody racist parties.
My condolences to the Toos.


Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree more.
what can i say? we live in this strange country where the powers that be are always "cakap tak serupa bikin"
this is really really sad and i feel for the family.

Foo Yoong said...

Here MINDEF will say NS is for unity of race. However when come to the big boys game ie.the army, how many non bumi are holding high rank?

Anonymous said...

NS Programme = Non-Sense Programme

Anonymous said...

dont bother. one or two deaths aint gonna stop these IDIOTS from sending moe young and healthy malaysians to their early death. read patrick teoh's niamah blog and you will understand the reasons that this program is untouchable.
expect more deaths, more investigations, and more tweaking of the program. please, can someone standby with more body bags. by the way, the deaths transcend race and gender, so dont yell anything thats racist. where are you, mr ARDENT SUPPORTER, lee lam thye. You cry no more?

Anonymous said...

NS clearly means National Stupidity, That is what vision 2020, and the boleh attitude is all about.