Friday, June 20, 2008

Gerakan Wanted Out too in 1990

The revelation made by Choo Sing Chye on Gerakan is quite interesting. He posted his comment in on SAPP's vote of no confidence against the PM.

"After the 1990 general elections, Tengku Razaleigh came to Ipoh and we, the late P Patto, Ngoi Thiam Woh and I met Razaleigh at the Ipoh Casuarina Hotel for an informal meeting. The revelation that Tengku Razaleigh made, surprised us all.

During the 1990 elections, Razaleigh and Lim Kit Siang flew to Sabah to receive Pairin into the Gagasan Rakyat fold..The PBS under Pairin had agreed to leave BN and join Gagasan Rakyat bringing along the state of Sabah. This defection was kept in secrecy, nobody knew about it, not even the BN.

After this, Razaleigh was supposed to fly to Johor to meet up with leaders of another major party from the Peninsular Malaysia who had shown interest in defecting to the Gagasan Rakyat. That party was Gerakan.

All things were running smoothly until Pairin made public the PBS’s defection and everything fell apart with the meeting with the Gerakan was called off. If Pairin had withheld the announcement, Gagasan Rakyat would have two states in its pouch before the polling day.

The strategy was that Razaleigh would announce the defections on polling day and hoped to catch the BN with its pants down. But the early announcement gave the BN ample time to muster its propaganda machine to attack Razaleigh with fraudulent claims that Gagasan was Christian-ising the Malays.

In the end, the Malays left Gagasan in droves."

I am one of the authors of Dr Lim Keng Yaik's political biography which is supposed to be published soon. During one of our many interviews, Dr Lim did mention this intention briefly. The book will be an interesting read if he decided to publish it soonest.

Keng Yaik, in his book, spoke positively about a two party system. He opined that for this to happen, BN must break into two factions - non-communal and communal. But he did not anticipate the outcome of the 12th general election which almost wiped out Gerakan and causing a possible split in the BN coalition.

A number of component parties, Gerakan included, had a love-hate relationship with UMNO. They despised UMNO's hegemony but had to depend largely on their dependency on UMNO in BN to survive. Many continue to look to UMNO for a hint on how to resurrect their political fortune. Such an action is catastrophic.

Dr Neil Khor and I have authored a book on "Non-Sectarian Politics in Malaysia: The Case of Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia" and it is expected to hit the bookstores by the end of June. Watch this space for more information.

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amoker said...

That is a revelation. Gerakan should stick to its principle from now on.